October 22, 2020

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Everyone in the world seems to know what art is, but no one can point to a Titian and enunciate to me what exactly makes it great. Let’s face it, when you say you like art, therefore it follows that you know what art is– excuse me–you are just lying flat-face to yourself. It does not bother you at all for this self-deception because art has so insignificant a role to play in your life, and lying about it makes you look, and probably feel good when among your peers!

Art is so difficult a subject that it takes the mind of a genius to fully comprehend it. It would take a master to produce art– from nothing. I hope to put this argument of what art is to rest by pointing this out, by way of dissuading any similar future debate another fool has the audacity to bring along as if he knows what art is already.

The chance is, the whole world know next to nothing about art other than the peripheral stuffs. They want to debate the Alpha Seer because their self-delusion is so blinding that it leads them to think they surely have something under their belts after a lifetime of listening to the art professors and visiting galleries. They want to impress anyone in their path what information they have amassed about art in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, those remain just ordinary superficial information, nothing else!

When they cannot produce the proof, i.e., the specific reasons why a Titian composition is great, they always retreat by saying, ” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders!” in order to save face. When a person holds on to such an attitude, he misses out on the chance of acquiring real knowledge.

You know who I think is a good art student? Someone who learns by opening his ears, his heart and mind, not his mouth! Such a student is a good art student because he can finally learn something he has known absolutely nothing about. A person of great wisdom can understand the benefit of silence when it comes to hearing about a topic of great murkiness. A wise person always seek enlightenment. Art is the last frontier for a superior mind. Art involves so much logical thinking! Art may be the bona-fide genius’ pet, but it is the last frontier for the vast majority of people. So unless your artistic mind is in the extremely rare (1 in 10 billion) percentile, don’t tell me you know what art is, because I can immediately call your bluff! By proclaiming you know art is just a self-delusion in life that you are not ready to admit.

There is the myth that art can raise a person from the gutter, make him/her a better person, comfort ones frayed spirit, etc. Too good to be true! If you really believe that, you should not have come to the Alpha Seer at all. You should have gone to a psychiatrist or a healthy living trainer instead. Art has very little comfort for your frayed spirit. Neither can art make you any better than you already are. Art is just a specific kind of design/ metaphorical invention for the divine pleasure of a specific kind of, and extremely limited number of people. These are those who can be fascinated by the beauty of the physical form, generally speaking. Art is in truth not for the consumption of the sensation-seeking public!

A great work of art only comes into being after it has been fully examined. Anything less than perfect won’t make the grade, and won’t allow it to play in the big leagues. There is a big league of great masters, just so you know. It is the unique league of Van Eyck, Titian, Velazquez, Zurburan, Rubens, Frans Hals, Adrian Brouwer, Ingres, Degas, Manet, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, deKooning, Gorky, and Knox Martin. Before them were the African art, the Egyptian Art, the Greek Art, the Islamic Art, the Medieval Art, and the ancient Oriental Art! They are the best of the best. If an art student does not learn art from the best of the best- but instead he goes to the beggarly academia, pays a handsome sum enough to bankrupt his dad, in order to “learn art” and become an artist, l can tell you immediately that he will be doomed forever, like every single art student I have come to know so far! I can tell you immediately that we have the case of a very stupid young person standing before us!

If you know the art of painting, you will know what it means to be a perfect composition. So clearly you have so far pretended you know! And if you persist on doing so, there is no one to blame but yourself, since you remain unenlightened. You would not pretend to be holding an Ace to me when in fact you have a bad hand, would you? It is criminal for anyone to pretend he knows art, according to the great master Knox Martin!

The following consecutive pictures show you what can be done to make a composition perfect. Examine the changes made to the first painting and try to understand why those changes are necessary. You may of course ask the Alpha Seer, but you must not continue to pretend you have the answer– because you really have none!









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October 22, 2020

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書畫同源經 BY THE ALPHA SEER 2017




當代騙徒如Andy Warhol, Damien Horst, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo 等頗有十萬之眾。異端邪說,常使人迷惑。魚目混珠,羊頭賣狗。從此藝術之綱紀頓失。藝術之源斷絕。世人又常迷無明之士,輕信虛妄之説。無術無才之輩,隨便詐搆形象,又胡亂掛個意念,便妄云繪畫藝術,妖言惑眾,指鹿為馬。使有識者頓覺汗顔。

故鄙人曰: 真金不畏火煉。又曰:能閃爍者,未必是金!


畫有畫之自性, 以下作品,以黑白為主,皆係自性最终極之表現!故善觀評書畫者,須由此而入。須由心而入。宜作明心見性為旨。知道心外無法之理。觀評畫作,先正心靜意,與觀評書道並無二致!

贊曰: 世有王羲之之天才然后始知書法之準繩。世有鐵順(Titian) 之藝術天才然后始悟藝術之纲纪,故古人有云:微斯人,吾誰與歸?

IMG_1615FullSizeRender (2) copyFullSizeRender (2) copy 4TITIAN,  the artist of artists.  (2) (1)

IMG_0802 (1)FullSizeRender (3) copyFullSizeRender (3) copy 9FullSizeRender (3) copy 8FullSizeRender (3) copy 7FullSizeRender (3) copy 6FullSizeRender (3) copy 3FullSizeRender (2) copy 4IMG_0882IMG_0875IMG_0868FullSizeRender (3) copy 2

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October 22, 2020

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IMG_0875IMG_0882This recent work, called Satyr and Nymph series by Ben Lau, is not an easy one to digest. It is to be expected, as most folks only view things in a piecemeal manner. Viewing art, it is important to take in the self- nature / the soul, of the composition all at once. Let not the narrative or the coloration distract you, as after all, the narrative or the coloration are just excuses, no more! They are just some sort of vehicles for the composition to come into existence. They are the circumstantial elements . They are not “the thing! ”

How to take in the self- nature of the composition all at once? I have spoken on this topic many times on www.thealphaseer.com ( thanks to my dear friend Billy Zhou in keeping it up for mankind!) The best technique is just narrowing your eyes when you are viewing the composition. By narrowing, you relax the focus of your vision field . Why do we need to widen the vision field? It is to make sure we are not looking at a particular point on the surface of the composition, so we can determine the entire white at a glance. In a similar way, try to also obtain the shape of the total black at a glance. If you are able to see those two great structures, congratulate yourself, buy yourself a good dinner to celebrate this triumph tonight, because you are face to face with the self-nature, or the soul, of the composition. The self-nature of a masterpiece will not lie to you. It is right here, right now. It will continue to be there in a million years. It will still be relevant after a million years! But that statement is not easily understood unless you have an extraordinary I. Q. !

To give you a deepen sense of this love for the great black and white structures I am showing another composition. On the right is a masterpiece by the great Knox Martin. Knox is inspired by African masks. That is a fact speaking loud and clear here. What the great master is doing here, my friends, is baring the self-nature/ soul of his composition to you! He is baring it without reservation, totally without the camouflage of coloration or emotion or narrative. If you are able to see his great black (1) and white (1) structures, congratulate yourself: you are on the right track– face to face with the self-nature/ soul of his composition. You are staring down into the soul of artistic greatness!

Artistic geniuses are so rare that they are one in a billion in each era. IN the 19th Century, we only have Ingres, Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Juan Gris, and Seurat. In the 20th Century, we only have Gorky, de Kooning, Knox Martin etc. They can certainly not be found everywhere, –at least not in our current bustling postmodern art market! A no-talent painter such as Marcel Duchamp does not have a soul to offer to the world. If one is a mediocre artist, the soul being offered is likewise mediocre, random and confused. Only an artistic genius, a bona-fide artist, can express his/ her soul loud and clear with lucidity and power! A bona-fide genius has no need to charm you, or mesmerize your emotions. If you can recall the following people’s works and you will know exactly what I mean. Frida Kahlo, Munch, Norman Rockwell, Monet, Pollock, Pissarro, Damien Hirsts, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, as well as about 10 thousand other so-called artists are no-talent impostors. All they can offer are gimmicks and narratives. I am not attacking them at all, just pointing out the truth! If you have loved them before–why? no one is stopping you from that! Continue to do so since they seem to turn you on–which is certainly not a bad thing… . But I don’t envy you, since you won’t be able to get a full taste for greatness owing to your self-inflicted lock-down of your own vision. If you have become open-minded in the wrong way, there is no help, since all that glitters are not gold!

Hopefully at some point in time you will thank me for letting you know this particular trade secret of the bona-fide artistic geniuses. Hopefully one day you will be grateful to me in helping to awaken your own soul to the joy of artistic greatness! That’s why I am still here, writing this blog,  and offering to you free access to art appreciation– the proper way to approach artistic greatness, since I really want to set you free, from the exploitations of the academics. They are charging you thousands of dollars for completely useless “art classes.”

They are the blindest fish in the water, and yet they are offering you art classes! What audacity!!!!!But you are to blame for your herd instincts. After all, it is you, with your herd instincts, who  will willingly pay them for those completely useless “art classes!”

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October 22, 2020

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We need to examine a piece of new work by looking at it intensively and asking the question : “Does it deserve to be called a “masterpiece?” I have  therefore set up for you– and the as yet unborn future bona- fide artists, this exhibit (please see pictures above and below the text).

In the image below, we can see why shapes B, C, D, are to be conjoined with A to become ONE mainland after part of the black in that region is peeled away. Without this correction, we are stuck with the island, B , which fails to integrate, and the island, C, which seems unable to join the mainland designated by A.

Great masterpieces by Rembrandt, Titian, and Velazquez are placed here for your reference, and they all show the same secret. So whoever you are, however talented you may be, whether you are Titian, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Knox Martin, Picasso, Cezanne’s, or  Ben Lau–as long as you are honestly creating the painterly metaphor–HONESTLY means, 1. you, as a bona-fide artist, know exactly what you are doing when you set out to produce a true painting; 2. you are not eyeing the billionaire buyers’ pockets, but instead doing your job for the sheer love of it; 3. if you do not REALLY know something, you’d better keep quiet! ( I am referring to the academics, especially those from MCAD, Harvard and Yale!). If that is the case, then even if the entire world have forsaken thee, it still won’t matter! You are still moving in life like a boss.You are still the chosen one– being richly rewarded with the happiness of creating your painterly metaphors, knowing that it is your privilege, yours alone, to enjoy it for as long as you breathe!

Look no further than in the direction of Knox Martin. He is 94 this year, yet going strong all the way, soldiering on! You won’t see him stop for a moment.  I cannot honestly say he is a successful painter because his works have not been understood except by a few– and his works are currently selling in no more than 5 digits ( while a deKooning can easily fetch a 8 digits theses days!)

That’s my silent advice to the future bona-fide artists. And I predict there will be many more of them, and there will be as many girls as boys too!!!!!


Remember the Alpha Seer has said: NO ISLANDS, only ONE mainland is allowed?! Upon further scrutiny in the work, an outstanding island is spotted, as shown below in the middle image. It is long, so let’s call it the Long Island, denoted in the middle image as E. E is also denoted with two arrows. A third arrow is pointing to a much smaller island, denoted by F. But F is too tiny to affect the flow of the composition’s energy, so nothing needs to be done to change it. The lowest picture shows that the change have been made, which comprises in just shaving off some thickness of the line that represents the calf of the satyr.

This work is officially complete, with the lowest image being the finalized product. In a masterpiece, however,  being complete is not enough, perfection must be the goal. So further scrutiny is in order. If you don’t hear anything else from me– it means perfection has been achieved!


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October 22, 2020

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Music, poetry, and painting are linked by the fact that the artistic genius is creating his metaphors by different means. By means of sound, you have music. The composer creates his musical metaphor. By means of words you have poetry, the poet creates his poetic metaphor. And by means of light you have the painterly metaphor, created by the artistic genius! The painterly metaphor is created with black and white, the painterly metaphor is also created with lines and shapes. Color in painting are of course, useful, but they have only a small role to play in the creation of this painterly metaphor. Art without a metaphor is like a boat without a rudder. There is no fun in a painting without a metaphor. Look at the so-called abstract art, which emphasizes nothing but color. It is not saying anything. It is the most boring thing in the world. In a week you will grow tired of it. I guarantee that! Listen to the piano with undifferentiated sound, or sounds that suggests rhythms only, or just some sentimental tunes. You can become so bored that you will run for the door with your ears closed right away!

So Cezanne’s metaphors are found in his sceneries and still-lives, Knox Martin adopts the human face, while I opt for the Satyr and Nymph series, i.e., the legendary/ mythological sex- act. In the sex-act, two intertwined bodies provide a rich variety of shapes and lines. The possibilities in making metaphors in art through this view of the sex-act are inexhaustible. That’s why I seldom depart from such an extremely useful genre. The metaphor and the subject matter may be closely related but they are not the same. The metaphor is the soul of the work. An illustration is one in which the so-called artist is unable to find his soul. It is just a matter of imitation, an image of mediocre doodling. The fact of the matter is, only a genius can give a clear-cut metaphor, i.e. only a genius may allow his soul to show through! Mozart is a musical genius,  Shakespeare, a literary one. Is Cezanne an artistic genius? You bet!

Is Dali an artistic genius? No! Andy Warhol? No! Are the folk singers musical genius? No!  Pop singers? No! Is Walt Whitman a literary genius? No! Frida Kahlo? Norman Rockwell? Damien Hirst? Francis Bacon, …..? For Christ’s sake, No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are called impostors, or pretenders. It is not easy for the laymen to tell art apart from non-art–and because it takes another genius to tell you what a true metaphor is, who is a bona-fide and who is not, we end up with many pretenders– since it is easy money for the conmen.

The general public have mistaken deKooning’s works as abstract expressionism. It takes an artistic  genius like Knox Martin to educate us, to tell art apart from non-art, and to correct the misconception of the laymen! The general perception of deKooning’s work is so mistaken! If you look really carefully, stare at deKooning’s work for a while, trying to see what he is presenting to the artistic appetite, you will find deKooning’s metaphor of the nude staring back at you. What a surprise, since there is nothing abstract about deKooning’s works! Wilhem deKooning’s work has a soul. He uses the nude to express his metaphor. That metaphor is the soul of deKooning’s work.
Knox Martin even goes so far as to proclaim: THE SUBJECT MATTER OF ART IS ART ITSELF! I wonder how many people would understand the meaning of this statement? It sounds like an enigma, but for the real artistic genius, it is easy to decode. It simply means that the true artist does not need a subject matter, already he has art as his subject matter! When you look at my work, you are probably thinking, OK, Ben Lau’s subject matter is the sex act and we shall therefore classify Ben’s works as erotica. But that is so wrong! Art is Ben Lau’s real subject matter, nothing else is! The sex act is NOT! The sex act is just an excuse, a convenient tool for Ben Lau to express his artistic metaphor! Do not focus on the narrative of a real painting. Focus instead on the metaphor–which is a gorgeous symphony of lines and shapes, the interactions of singular or multiple visual metaphors, the visualization of which made possible through the agile placement of the black and white! Real art of our times is derived from the greatest genius of all times, Titian. He invented painting by first and foremost, asking the question: WHAT ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF OUR UNIVERSE?

The answer provided by the Alpha Seer is: YIN and YANG. Upon further examination, Yin and Yang is manifested through black and white in the art of drawing, and male and female in the realm of living being. So the sex act is not just a metaphor for Yin and Yang interactions, it is also one for the interactions in drawing, in the art of making shapes, therefore a metaphor for art itself. Next time you visit a museum, remember you are looking for metaphors. When equipped with your own intuition, you must believe in yourself. The museum curators and directors have it all wrong. They do not know sh*t about art. And I want to hear from you expressing your ultimate displeasure at those impostors and art illiterates with, “DANG, YOU GUYS CAN NO LONGER FOOL ME!!!!!!!!!”  And say it loud, by way of thanking the Alpha Seer! 



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