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March 30, 2017


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Everyone in the world seems to know what art is, but no one can point to a Titian and enunciate to me what exactly makes it great. Let’s face it, when you say you like art, therefore it follows that you know what art is– excuse me–you are just lying flat-face to yourself. It does not bother you at all for this self-deception because art has so insignificant a role to play in your life, and lying about it makes you look, and probably feel good when among your peers!

Art is so difficult a subject that it takes the mind of a genius to fully comprehend it. It would take a master to produce art– from nothing. I hope to put this argument of what art is to rest by pointing this out, by way of dissuading any similar future debate another fool has the audacity to bring along as if he knows what art is already.

The chance is, the whole world know next to nothing about art other than the peripheral stuffs. They want to debate the Alpha Seer because their self-delusion is so blinding that it leads them to think they surely have something under their belts after a lifetime of listening to the art professors and visiting galleries. They want to impress anyone in their path what information they have amassed about art in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, those remain just ordinary superficial information, nothing else!

When they cannot produce the proof, i.e., the specific reasons why a Titian composition is great, they always retreat by saying, ” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders!” in order to save face. When a person holds on to such an attitude, he misses out on the chance of acquiring real knowledge.

You know who I think is a good art student? Someone who learns by opening his ears, his heart and mind, not his mouth! Such a student is a good art student because he can finally learn something he has known absolutely nothing about. A person of great wisdom can understand the benefit of silence when it comes to hearing about a topic of great murkiness. A wise person always seek enlightenment. Art is the last frontier for a superior mind. Art involves so much logical thinking! Art may be the bona-fide genius’ pet, but it is the last frontier for the vast majority of people. So unless your artistic mind is in the extremely rare (1 in 10 billion) percentile, don’t tell me you know what art is, because I can immediately call your bluff! By proclaiming you know art is just a self-delusion in life that you are not ready to admit.

There is the myth that art can raise a person from the gutter, make him/her a better person, comfort ones frayed spirit, etc. Too good to be true! If you really believe that, you should not have come to the Alpha Seer at all. You should have gone to a psychiatrist or a healthy living trainer instead. Art has very little comfort for your frayed spirit. Neither can art make you any better than you already are. Art is just a specific kind of design/ metaphorical invention for the divine pleasure of a specific kind of, and extremely limited number of people. These are those who can be fascinated by the beauty of the physical form, generally speaking. Art is in truth not for the consumption of the sensation-seeking public!

A great work of art only comes into being after it has been fully examined. Anything less than perfect won’t make the grade, and won’t allow it to play in the big leagues. There is a big league of great masters, just so you know. It is the unique league of Van Eyck, Titian, Velazquez, Zurburan, Rubens, Frans Hals, Adrian Brouwer, Ingres, Degas, Manet, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, deKooning, Gorky, and Knox Martin. Before them were the African art, the Egyptian Art, the Greek Art, the Islamic Art, the Medieval Art, and the ancient Oriental Art! They are the best of the best. If an art student does not learn art from the best of the best- but instead he goes to the beggarly academia, pays a handsome sum enough to bankrupt his dad, in order to “learn art” and become an artist, l can tell you immediately that he will be doomed forever, like every single art student I have come to know so far! I can tell you immediately that we have the case of a very stupid young person standing before us!

If you know the art of painting, you will know what it means to be a perfect composition. So clearly you have so far pretended you know! And if you persist on doing so, there is no one to blame but yourself, since you remain unenlightened. You would not pretend to be holding an Ace to me when in fact you have a bad hand, would you? It is criminal for anyone to pretend he knows art, according to the great master Knox Martin!

The following consecutive pictures show you what can be done to make a composition perfect. Examine the changes made to the first painting and try to understand why those changes are necessary. You may of course ask the Alpha Seer, but you must not continue to pretend you have the answer– because you really have none!









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