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April 5, 2010


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Even the Alpha Seer himself is a bit shy to proclaim his work in progress as art, no matter how awesome the metaphors found therein–what with million of blind fish out there, doing illustrations, gimmicky stuffs and silly imitations of all kinds, and who are never too shy to proclaim those shits as “art”,….

If one compares a work in progress with a work in completion, one will find in each and every case, Qi is the thing that makes the difference.

In Chinese, Qi means air. Before the Chinese, ancient Hindu sages already noticed that life itself is Qi.

So air, life, Qi, combine to make complete a composition. That which is perfect has all 3 ingredients. The same things may be found in Mozart or Haydn’s best music.

What is the status of the everyman in his “quest for beauty” with regard to the above? How on earth may they come to the realization of a spontaneous orchestration of all of those three elements simultaneously? They cannot even bring themselves to understand it intellectually,–since it is so far beyond them.

Now tell me musical composition is an entirely different deal from the painterly counterpart, and I will slap you so hard that your eyeballs can come popping out!
Figure !: Awesome Alphaseer linocut 21
Figure 2: CIMG4438Figure 3 :CIMG4440
Figure 4: CIMG 4492
Figure 5: work in completion 1
Figure 6: Work in completion 2
Figure 7: Work in completion 3
Figure 8: Work in completion 4
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