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June 11, 2008


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The purpose of this site is to educate the public about true art from the view point of he who has the inborn ability to make true art. It is hoped that any question and answer on this site will enhance greater clarity in art. Enough confusion in our world caused  by the creation of the every man! True art is timeless and it serves as the only human vehicle for beauty.

Hopefully a better understanding in true art will lead to heightened awareness of beautiful things in life. Great metaphors have been created from time immemorial to guide human spirit back to its untainted sacred origin. The innate understanding of such metaphors is beyond simple entertainment. It is pure joy for the spirit. It is also food for the soul! It is therefore the purpose of this site to help humanity in burning a path through the confusion and the blindness due to ignorance and inattention to the precious gem that is the effort of the artistic genius.

Ben Lau found his calling as Alpha Seer since 1975. Originally from China, Ben Lau was proclaimed the greatest Oriental painter since Hokusai by Knox Martin while still a student at the Art Students League, NY. Most of what is discussed here has also become the content of a book called Alpha Seer, which will hit the market soon.

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