The Alpha Seer understanding true art

April 2, 2016


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Folks: Those are the words of two of the greatest masters of all times,–and they studied TITIAN. What they are saying is, black and white, a.k.a. YIN and YANG, is the ultimate essence of ART. Why doesn’t the Alpha Seer say Alpha Art now? Has’t he established that the only thing that can be called ART is ALPHA ART? The academics immediately get offended., especially those from a school next to the MIA, called MCAD.”You are insulting everyone!” “Down with Titian!” They say.
It is TRUE that when you establish something, anything not included in that category will become irrelevant. The Alpha Seer has not tried to insult anyone. If you have found the Alpha Seer offensive, you must first look into your own ego. It is your own ego that is doing the insulting. The Alpha Seer is simply telling the truth. So is the great master Knox Martin, whose work is also represented here. If you cannot see TITIAN, who is the greatest artistic genius of all times,–Titian! You are not seeing the truth. If you can see TITIAN too,–why? CONGRATULATIONS! Why CONGRATULATIONS? because you are one among millions! Not many people see TITIAN. You have to be a genius to see TITIAN!
Now look at the truth from the attached paintings, i.e. the evidence, the black and white, the YIN AND YANG,–whatever name you happen to employ,– to denote the REALITY. Everyone is saying Picasso is great, but no one can tell me why. Every professor is telling you that Cezanne is great, but the next thing he does, he would turn around and tell the world that Andy Warhol is great, Damien Hirst is great, Rauschenberg is ALSO great,… and the list goes on. Yes, I am talking about the academics, the so-called pundits. Such people are doing a DISSERVICE. What they are doing is in fact utterly criminal. With the enviable title of Harvard Professor, or MCAD emeritus professor, they actually cheat the daylight out of you. What they are doing is to turn great art on its head and enroll you in his confidence game, talk you into believing that “…this is art, that is art,– yeah, there you have it, anything can be art, anything at all if you are creative and imaginative enough, there you have it: found object, garbage, even the urinal,–anything at all, isn’t that fabulous about our era?–aren’t we totally diversified? Aren’t we totally inclusive? Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous that everything in the world , anything at all, can be called art? And deep-pocketed fools believe them, because they have such strong titles! They are willing to pay millions for an Andy Warhol, in order to brag to their friends that they have money.
TITIAN, the artist of artists. (2) (1)IMG_1830
IMG_1055IMG_0289 (2)A GREAT K.M.satyr-and-nymph-series-1157woman-with-umbrellagreat-yin-and-yangIMG_1829EESHA (2)IMG_1617

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