February 22, 2020

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Master Knox Martin says:

Shortly after teaching at the Yale Graduate
School—I left because of interim politics—I find
myself teaching at the Art Students League, my
alma mater, with hilarity in kiddo plangent ricochets.
Meeting with an extraordinary cross-section
of so-called artists, painters, sculptors, poets,
and people like others. Seeing a thousand people,
gigs at other universities and schools—I meet Mr.
Ben Lau at the Art Students League—sort of like
James Joyce
meeting Svevo-—in his classroom,
reading his effort and proclaiming “Sir, you are a
genius”—I let fall this intelligence on Ben. I have
said of Ben, “If you fell off a ladder—and your
brush hit the wall—it would be beautiful.”What
gives me the status, position, altitude to make
such a hootsy-cootchy? Same thing what gives
James Joyce clang—perfect pitch. That’s me,
which makes me the ultimate cigarro. It’s as it is,
does Ben get this? Some of it, part of it, all of its
stuff? Or does he take this to Ben’s domain—tee
Now, Ben picks up my notion of alpha art, and
takes off on the Alpha Seer puts that all into true
art blog and creates a miracle, some of it pure Ben
Lau, the rest is sweet truth. In several Titian
paintings the surface subject matter repeatedly
GIVES the message that you could not look upon
truth with impunity, to look upon truth all
mechanical things would vanish!
This is what I see as the working basics of this
book, a two edged sword cutting both ways and
being wounded at the same time in a highflying
clearing cutting a swath. Hopefully, not like a bull
in a china closet, but nailed down to specifics,
which is the way of the Alpha Seer book.
The Alpha seer burns with intelligence to torch
the doldrums of the insipid, the laughter out of
fear, herd consumption, leaders, dead fashion,
architects of rewards to no talent. Yes, no talent is
rewarded big time very fast and full so that the
vested interests won’t be threatened in their life
times(we don’t want any thing around we can’t
see) a-a-a-a-all is the same every thing is art, we
can now live the life of an artist. Tee hee, falderol.
Bruce Nauman displays a film on digging a fence
post hole on his property and says “this is art:”—
The position of the won’t be taken in, the Alpha
Seer is, nothing that Nauman has ever done is art!
Renoir said of Cézanne, “Man, he can’t put down
but three strokes, and it’s good”—good for what?
Aye—there’s the rub. Can it be, can it be, can it
really be that what is truly really essential in art be
so rare as to be done by us so very few in the face
of an ocean of art that comes out of the world
from the universities from the academies from the
rafters from the streets, it rains so-called artists,
the Turners, Monet, Pissarro, the German
Expressionists, the futurists, the ash can school—
Luks, Sloan, Bellows, Glackens, Whistler, Sir
Joshua Reynolds, South American art, all Latino
art, modern Japanese, modern Chinese, Russian,
American art, Mark Rothko, Clifford Still, Ad
Reinhardt, Gottlieb, Hans Hoffman, Jackson
There’s an immense sheet of wonderful people
who are not doing the central fire of art the same
way that all the rest on the list are not doing.
Francis Bacon, Turner, Damien Hirst may feed us
to the domains of non-monkey Cocco, the place
where reside—all those that promote only harmless
novelty and creatures from the id and dread
pool the drively unconscious as a Francis Bacon
painting a man on the toilet masturbating with
throat cut, lousy mealy colored and dead brushstrokes.
Of course this is button pushing
supreme—if your buttons are pushed you don’t
have to inspect the work!
All that bonafidely moves in the ultimate creation,
where creation is the subject matter—
which is anathema to what obscures, attempts to
remove all traces of whatever points to the real
Mephistopheles and a foul henchman while out
on a walk spot a man who has picked up something
in his hands glowing with a preternatural
grace, and he radiates enlightenment! The devil’s
companion asks his master, “What is that?”
Answer—“He has found truth”.””Well hell, isn’t
that bad for you?”“No” says Devil, “I will help him
to organize it.”
Would it be helpful to see a partial list of those
condemned on account of the subject matter of
their work is creation? Okay!—it’s Titian,
Velasquez, Adrien Brouwer, Franz Hals, Cézanne,
Matisse, Picasso, de Kooning and us chickens.
“On the smithy of my soul I go to create the yet
not created consciousness of my race.”—James
As with the real stuff, which I have not included
here—ya gots ta read into the warp and weft of
the above and with rare intelligence come to grips
with what it is posited here.Who knows, Ben
Lau’s book The Alpha Seer will save the world.

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