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June 3, 2009

The assistant principal

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Either the Alpha Seer had never had any luck with the assistant principals in the world or they probably would say the same thing about me. It may seem like gross generalization to say all assistant principals in the world are the same,– but wait, my friend : an assistant principal is an assistant principal! The person who assumes that role must be a perfect first jailer of your life. Then the High Priest in the guise of Confucius/Manus/Plato/Jesus/Jehovah/ Mohammad asserts his influence. Like gestapos in perfect coordination, the assistant principals conspired to build a prison to house your life in. Whose life is it? – there you wonder. Why, it is the life that the assistant principal wants you to morph into, of course!

The assistant principal has to be a bully and an enemy to all that which is enlightened, harmonious and kind. His job is to condition you, to break you in so that you may fit with the norm, good for the norm, strive for success, uphold the mediocre and become one of the herd. Gross generalization?– no, my friends,–wait! the assistant principal who has failed to meet those criteria have long since been booted by the school board, made up of like-minded personalities.

There are in fact countless assistant principals in a person’s life. Mom and Dad, for example, who are the victims of their own assistant principals themselves, had become your pre-assistant principals. Then you continue doing the same nonsense to your own children, all the while thinking that it is the right thing to do! You have become the post assistant principal. And that cycle goes on and on.

So children of the world, rise!
Be childish no more so you may take back your own life again,– so you may break out from this vicious cycle and put an end to the unceasing Jihads and Crusades.

You do not need an assistant principal to run your life, or to breed future hitlers, maos, cheneys and kim jong ils. Isn’t this world awful enough? Aren’t you miserable enough?

Rebel against all assistant principals in the world, children!

And childish no more, so you may be enlightened,– and while assuming responsibility, mature into the world of the true human, then the beyond, ….

And with defiance, proclaim your liberty by grabbing it back from those vermins of the heart!

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That’s a beautiful linocut, Ben.
Toni Stern is the world famous lyricist for her collaboration with Pop singer Carol King in producing some of the best songs in the 70s.


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