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April 17, 2009


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Dear Monty,

Your beautiful questions are answered as follows:

first off, such a connotation as “concept in creation” is an imaginery event. There is no reality to it. The postmodernists and all the “ism” folks (impressionism, expressionism, pointilism, photo-realism, Pop art, Op art) are dead wrong precisely along that line of thinking.

It is easy to fall into that trap because man have a well developed brain with the associative movement of the mind. The mind is not a thing but an electrical current-induced movement. It has a life of its own, computer like. This movement is pretty much quite independent of the soul.

The soul is said to be situated in the heart by every realized seer coming back from a super-conscious state. The heart is the exact center of the being, always referred to as the abode of the soul. The body is temporary but the soul is something else. The soul is just a name given to that which is unspeakable, like god, spirit, beauty, . . . You cannot prove its existence but at certain moments it reveals itself as the final indistructible reality. Timeless and spaceless.

The mind is simply just an extended nerve center, a part of the body of the human animal. There is nothing to it. If you look at the construction of the brain you will see that clearly. There are many layers to the brain. The first and oldest one is called the reptilian brain,– so called for its similarities to the brains of reptiles, which have no parental obligations. Its primary purpose is to regulate those involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, metabolism, heartbeat and circulation. It also control the “startle” response and interprete any sensation as pleasurable, painful or threatening. Then evolution allows the reptilian creature to assume more nurturing role, such as a bird or a mammal. To fulfill the parental obligation, the limbic region takes shape. Because of its job the mammal can distinguish the need of its young, to interpret whether an emotional distress is due to hunger or discomfort. This limbic system has enlarged structures known as the hippocampus and the amygdala. And one must not forget the gland called the hypothalamus, located in the center of the brain, whose secretion of various hormones, especially the adrenalin, to jumpstart the body in a fight posture during stress conditions must be well known to school kids even. They are responsible for feeling emotion and for creating emotional memories. That is why it is called the emotional brain. Highly evolved beings such as man have very well-developed layer called the neocortex, the seat of our rational activities, such as problem solving, analysis, judgment, impulse control, and the abilities to organize information, learn from past experiences and empathize with others.
So there is really nothing to the brain other than forming concepts, solving problems, analysis, and making judgment. As a result of concept forming, the brain goes on in forming an idea of itself. For that simple reason, there is the delusion of the ego mistaking itself to be the master of the entire body. That delusion can go so far and become so habitual that it eventually gains enough currency to assert that every intellectual product from man can be attributed to the mind. Well, all the scientific inventions discoveries or technological progress are the production of the mind to be sure,–there is no disputing that fact.

But the creation of art, music and poetry is something else. The soul is involved as well. Can I prove it? The Alpha Seer sees it as such, so proving it is not necessary for him.

Do you need the proof? And why? Then it is time to start your own search if you have that desire. It is quite possible that you are an Alpha Seer too when your desire is genuine and strong. True art is chiefly the working of the soul, with the mind partaking the role of a servant. How does the Alpha Seer’s soul get to be so powerful as envisioning beauty by itself ? That clairvoyance can only have been naturally endowed,–it is not possible to acquire it through learning or practice. That is the only explanation.

The Alpha Seers in ancient Egypt and ancient Greek may not even be the first bunch of artistic geniuses to see beauty. One may even say it is beginning-less. By thinking everything in terms of time, i.e. always a beginning and an end, OR, always a cause and an effect, we let ourselves fall into the trap of duality again. The same mistake as the “ism” folks,–always thinking of art in terms of concepts!

I shall take photo of each of those great art by Knox, document them, show their geometrical ground plan and by means of its black and white, discuss the placement of each shape and point out how with SMR, the composition eventually takes shape.

Again, comparing those black and white compositions
with those of a famous master such as Picasso or Cezanne can be very helpful for the laymen’s understanding. Comparison can be a good teaching strategy, just to make sure we don’t turn it into a discriminating attitude. Establishing a hierarchy through comparison would be a wrong approach. It is like falling into the trap of duality again.

There is really not a starting point for art, location-wise.

Remember: NO STARTING POINT!!! Not in terms of time or space!!!!! By saying that art is started in the East, I have just meant to point out the greatness of the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Chinese,–who had existed in the East as ancient civilizations. There is really no point in saying great art started in the East.

The Alpha Seer formerly called Ben Lau

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