October 28, 2020

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If you have not spent a single moment of your life in the meditation on art, professor, don’t talk to me about your “love” for art, or of being “an artist” etc. Talk to me instead about the plants at the arboretum, the weather, politics, or the stock market, since those are what one can understand. Tell me something real instead, which would make you a better person, since you must now play your hand with the real  for once, instead of dwelling on some fabricated or phony stuffs that have made you so unbearably fake and overly pretentious! One thing is for sure, without art or poetry this is a dull place, and life can be so dry and bland and unbearable, but without your abominable lies this world will be so much better and cleaner! So just don’t pretend you love art when in fact you don’t even understand what art is!
Once again, I must equate the study of art with the examination of, or an investigation into, the works of those who have come before us, those who know what art is, in other words, the artistic geniuses. I am not trying consciously to shame you here, even though shaming the academia has become a necessary by-product whenever a discussion on the topic of art is in force. That brings to mind a recent speech by Jack Ma at Columbia University. For the uninitiated, Jack Ma is currently the greatest entrepreneur in the world. Right in the face of many world-renowned academics, Jack Ma had told the audience at Columbia that if you invest enough money on an academic for him to set up shop, Jack was almost certain that the academic would bankrupt that shop in no time. Yet the same kind of folks are teaching our young people how to run their shops at business schools or make art at art schools! As I have said before, the two most worthless kinds of degrees ever created by the academia are called MFA and MBA, and now hearing that blunt but candid comment coming from a guy who was rejected 10 times in his life applying to study in Harvard sounds both ironical and familiar. (To be frank with you, I also applied once, – to teach in Harvard in 2005 and was rejected, –but 10 times! this guy must be some sort of a nut! However, Cezanne also applied to exhibit at the Paris Salon as much as Jack Ma did for Harvard, and was rejected too, just as much, –so Jack was not alone!)
As for an academic exhorting young people, congratulating and encouraging  them on the grim purpose of having achieved a completely worthless degree as the MFA is not just wrong in my opinion, but also a cover-up for all the failures and ignorance he has created in his own life as a result of an incorrect first view of the universe, and therefore, all the subsequent notions and actions in tow that are inevitably chewed up by his own mistaken first step.
How then do you study art and be in love with it eventually? What is the first thing about that notion really? At point is the narrative that the Alpha Seer, or the great Knox Martin, and all those venerable souls who had studied Brouwver and Yeats in a correct way and fell in love, despite the many years in between from the time those works were first created. And the proof for such correctness is the fact that we are still deeply in love even though many years have passed since. If it is an experience we have, then it is entirely possible for some young brilliant minds in the future to study art in such a way, and become in love with the works likewise, as an indication of the correctness of this method. And this love, I can guarantee, will by no means fade away with the passage of time.
What is the second thing about this so-called CORRECT FIRST VIEW OF THE UNIVERSE?   The following attachments, WHICH ARE SELF- EXPLANATORY, will tell you what I mean by the correct first view of the universe. If you look at the lower skirt of Brouwver’s Yin element, you will see a calligraphic wavy line. Why is that line important? It is important because this line indicates the lower reach of the Yin element in Brouwver’s composition.  The Yin element is responsible for all the black forms, i.e. the totality of the black in the composition. The correct first view of the universe lies in the understanding of a painting that is composed of Yin and Yang, and all knowledge of its very composition start from there.  And what with W.B. Yeats’ verses being composed of 10 intonations in each line, which are perfectly rhymed at every alternate turn, or something to that effect? Studying art and poetry in such a manner is what I call sustaining the correct first view of the universe. What happens when your first view of the universe is broken or downright wrong? With the first view being mistaken, all subsequent stages of learning will be doomed, and they will become one big mess! In both the art of Adrien Brouwver and the poetry of W.B. Yeats, the divine attempt is made in establishing, whether through numbers or geometry or beats created by  rhyming, their extraordinary perception. After being re-ordered in their expressions in this manner, they begin to make good sense in their elements against the mundane, the prosaic, the vulgar, and the mediocre, which appear to us in the forms shaped by random and chaotic forces. To both men therefore, engaging their act of creation based on the correct first view of their specific universe has become the focus of art.
But look at what the professors have to say. They are essentially telling their students that:
Yes, Andy Warhol is art, Damien Hirst is art, Jeff Koons is art, Francis Bacon is art, Frida Kahlo is art, oh yes, just name it, my friend, there is really no limit for the possibility in anything to become art!
Yeah, this is art, that and that are art of course, and why? Let’s face it: everything, anything at all, has the potential to be art, and so can every piece of crap in the world, – oh sure, – mark my words for it: they are no craps, their names are just “art!” Isn’t it exciting, sirs?
As soon as a skeptic registers his protest : Ah! what sinister forces of randomness and chaos! What ugliness! they would retort, “So? We are popular! We are in the majority. The majority always rule, not to mention the fact that we are so much more popular!!!!”
And would you blame Jack Ma for saying that the academics are here to bankrupt us all?  
I am sorry I’ve hurt your feeling, professor! But isn’t it more important to preserve the correct first view of the universe for the young than nourish vindictiveness for a hurt ego? After all, like Jack Ma, I am only speaking the truth!

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