October 22, 2020

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If you know anything about computer, then you should have no problem with how data are being transferred, or with the principle of data transfer itself. The same principle is at work here with the imprint of karma on the mind (XIN) going from one lifetime to the next. To make it even simpler, please note the Alpha Seer’s seal in the first attachment, given here as an example. Not too long ago the Alpha Seer was a pretty stupid and conceited dude, full of vanity, like most of us here in his age group at the time… . He had even paid a good sum for a seal to be made, a seal bearing his name in Chinese calligraphy, … . It was engraved in Vancouver, Canada, by a renowned calligrapher from China Mainland who was also a college professor, … If you ask me now, –HEY, that money could have been used for better purposes! Anyway, what I am trying to point out is that a seal can create a fine impression, also called imprint. Once the impression is made, the physical body of the seal can be thrown away, destroyed, –yet the fine impression remains. All the basic information is stored in that imprint. Now, one may not be aware of this unless there is clairvoyance, but the Dharma stipulates that each and everyone of us is endowed with three bodies: 1. the body of form, 2. the Dharma body, and 3. the transformation body. If you sometime wondered why we all have two ears, NOT 3, one nose, NOT 2, two eyes, NOT 4, 4 limbs, NOT 8, or you will be called an octopus, – one set of sexual organ, not multiple, –otherwise your name is Hugh Hefner…, then you may understand why it can be said that we are all endowed with three bodies listed above, not 4.  You cannot have an extra body simply because you are a Tathagata! That is why all sentient beings, specifically, human beings, are equal in that sense. You may be Donald Trump and you decide to make a 4-d copy of your original 3 bodies, –just to brag to your friends how resourceful you are, but that goes into a discussion for another day… . Anyway, the destruction of the body of form may have occurred at death, and your son or daughter may have cremated that body, –i.e. your body of form, – but not unlike the example I just showed you of the seal, the imprint of your karma produced in your lifetime was made, and that exact impression, a complete record, originally stored in the XIN, will be kept alive in the next round of existence whereby the transformation body will do its job with succinct precision. The resulting incarnate ( be it human, animal, or plant ), with an exact copy of your XIN data, continues to experience births and deaths, and suffering, driven by the force of karma.

Remember, this was some idea put forth by Sakyamuni some 2500 years ago, when computer was a pretty popular subject, of course.

Or was I wrong in saying that?

Please read Genesis 1-3 carefully with an open mind, bearing in mind that some of you here may belong to certain religious sects, such as Christian, Orthodox, Islamic, or even a completely different meditation system. But mind you, given the fact that the Alpha Seer himself is not interested in religion at all, and has always regarded the gurus with distrust, none of these materials being transmitted are intended for folks with mediocre intelligence. The Alpha Seer DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD, nor does he pander to the pride of race, education levels, social status, nation, or tribe. He is just your regular guy in America, an artist some of the times but a self-proclaimed scientist at other times. He is a Chinese American currently living in Minnesota with his wife Kate, politically neutral, yet NONE of that really bear upon the Alpha Seer as any kind of obstruction, lest he would find himself lost in a long dark tunnel of his own digging! The Alpha Seer even refute the title of a Buddhist because he is in fact not a Buddhist! But that does not mean that he should deny the amazing wisdom of Sakyamuni, Tsongkhapa, or the 6th Patriarch! The Buddha was once asked, “Who are you? Are you a human being?” His answer: “No, I am not a human being!” It takes someone established in the realization of emptiness to really understand why that is not a joke. Hopefully we can all go into this together with open mind. What is being offered here is a gift for all. It is the sprouting of a seed, or a wondrous fruit ripening in the revelation of an overflow of compassion. If you ask: whose compassion is that? then you are asking the wrong question, – because there is no ownership implied, –and there can never be. Just like the Buddha’s answer: I am not a human being, that said compassion bears no ownership. And the same compassion requires that you transmit this Dharma to others in like manner, making this world a better place. An imprint of karma for the next round of existence is being made at a single click of the mouse, –how cool can that be?

On the other hand, if you find the message too offensive, just don’t hesitate to voice your concern, –and I will remove you as a recipient forthwith, –that is a guarantee ! Don’t worry about losing my friendship, –you won’t be enjoying the relationship anyway because the Alpha Seer is known to be quite impatient with the “Robin” type of folks, …. . And a “Robin” type of folks is essentially an argumentative person with a close mind and tunnel vision.

HEY, THE ALPHA SEER NEVER SAYS HE IS PERFECT! (If you want perfection, look to the Buddha Gautama, – extraordinary Tathagata who, it was said, can remember many of his trillions of past existence, while I can barely speak just 3 languages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Nothing is more certain than death, yet nothing in the world can be more uncertain than the exact time,  place, or circumstances of our death.

If my prediction is right, more than half of you in this room won’t be here in 15 years. Yes, one dies, – finishes, is over with, – gone!!!!!!!– like they like to say!

But who are “they”?  “They” are the “sentient beings.” You don’t want to die like them.
You do not want to die like ignorant people.
If I have my way, friends, each of us should die like a real Buddha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The truth is, when one has realized emptiness, death is no longer an unwelcome thing. In fact, all Buddhist saints celebrate the days of their passing. Only sentient beings celebrate birthdays. Why do they celebrate birthdays? Because out of wrong perception, sentient beings grasp at the self, – pretty much mistaking the self to have true existence.
Why do the realized masters celebrate their deaths? Because they know what it is to die.
They say: enough is enough. Enough births and deaths for suffering! Why all that fuzz unto eternity???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They make sure that they are ready: like turning off the light before one exits the room. They must make sure that they “die” before the actual shutting down of their bodily functions, –die to future births and deaths.
To the sentient beings it seems weird that they celebrate their deaths. When you are ignorant and stupid, with a mind shut like a clam in fear, anything can come upon you as weird, – anything!
In the last sutra one has been instructed in a subtle way as to how one may die like a real Buddha.

As I said before, Xin in Chinese may mean “the heart” in the past but it actually means ” the mind” here. Xin can be understood in its two aspects: i.e. the conceptual mind, and the inexpressible mind.  InContemplation of Thought, most of the conceptual mind’s attributes are listed. According to this sutra, thought is immaterial, invisible, non-resisting, inconceivable, unsupported and homeless. A thought is like a magical illusion, like the stream, without staying power. A thought is like a flame, like lightening. Thought is like a bad friend, a fish hook, a thief, and an enemy. Thought is defilement, and like a fly that attends to the stinking stuffs. Finally, thought has no origin, and no end. It disappears as soon as it appears, and it is without a home.Thought is also timeless. Thought is its own object, and it cannot review itself. Thought ranges far, bodiless, easily changing, agitated by the object of sense, with the 6 sense-fields for its sphere, connected with one thing after another.

On the other hand, the Xin that cannot be expressed is calm, characterized by its non-distraction, its undistraughtness, and its immobility and its one-pointedness. That is also called mindfulness.

The instruction from this sutra cannot be clearer:
One must turn off the light ( the conceptual mind ) before one exits this life

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