October 22, 2020

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If you make counterfeit money, you are in jail in no time when caught, –but counterfeit art? Who care, right?

NOT TRUE: THE ALPHA SEER DOES, the Alpha Seer aka Master Ben Lau cares!!!!!!


FIGURE 1: 5932

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Sep 19 (8 days ago)
to me
First of all, folks: congratulations, for having survived here in this room this long without getting booted by the Alpha Seer! That is a sure indication that you folks are extremely intelligent!
In any case, I owe it to you to provide an explanation as to why our unique fellow-attendant in this chat room, i.e. the great master Knox Martin, has become so excited by the design as shown in FIGURE 1. even though I would assume that most of you must have figured it out already.
Like Einstein said, if you cannot explain it simply, you simply do not understand it well enough. So let’s try to explain it in the simplest terms possible, to see if understanding can be further enhanced.
What makes Asian food taste better? The short answer is, the fermentation within Asian food can really excite your taste buds. Of course there is also the skill of the Asian cook and the temperature in the wok at which the food is cooked and prepared. Those additional factors are not to be disputed. But it all comes down to the fermentation in the food itself.The same may be said about Alpha composition. It is the geometric underpinning in the design that has provided the fermentation in real art, the tasty stuff in the spiritual food for our soul!
When the human spirit is not enlightened, there has to be the blockage of Qi in the bigger picture in the general field of human endeavors, translating itself into turmoils, wars, struggles, and other disasters and disharmony.
Now let’s look at the Yin energies, i.e. the entire black portion in the composition in Figure 1.
Anticlockwise from bottom left, we have encountered these blocks: 1.3-leaf propeller, 2. L- shape, 3. vertical umbrella shape, 4. the Greek letter epsilon in the mirrored orientation.
Looking at the Yang energies, we realize that this swastika look-alike structure is encountered. It owes its formation to, –as if in direct response to, – those black energies.
Now if one were to take this explanation to the general public, they would most certainly boo in an annoying way, and a riot would probably result because the swastika always evokes the vileness of the Nazi regime. The problem is, the most sacred of all symbols: one representing the Nirvana state, or the Buddha Gautama’s enlightenment, is also a swastika. Jesus Christ is also represented by a simplified form of the swastika, a cross, yet the sentiment-seeking crowd would most readily associate Alpha art with those unpleasant things and condemn it of course because they do not understand it.
Why such vileness IN THE HUMAN SPIRIT, when we as human, are also capable of the deepest compassion and supreme harmony?
The short answer to that is, CORRECTNESS HAS BEEN VIOLATED. When the correct principle is absent, vileness will most certainly result, and we call that evil. Take a look at the current scenario of the art market. Look at the type of “art” the impostors and their dealers are installing in the galleries or auction houses. Vileness is so pervasive. There is evil everywhere.
Evil is everywhere because without awareness and understanding, incorrect thinking results.
Having said that, I realized I still have not addressed the reason why we found the great master in such a jovial mood, –when counting the number of appreciative bars, you may ask me why a few simple geometric blocks could possibly have precipitated such excitement from Knox Martin.
Here’s my attempt for an explanation. I can only pretend to be Knox myself for the moment, based on the principle that tasty stuff excite our taste buds in like manner.
If you look at those blocks, it would be easy for anyone to say,
“Oh I can make those too, now what is the big fuss?”
O.K. Try it then!
It is without a doubt an easy thing for anyone to make any single block without the constraints of what I shall introduce as follows. Yes, even a chimpanzee can be trained to perform that task. But to make all of those blocks, black and white, and constructing them all in one breath, with the requirements set forth, demanding that each one is independently accountable and perfect in the calligraphic sense, i.e. nothing should be left hanging out or dangling like a dead tree limb in the wind, and that each block must be related to the rest intimately, –with balance being there, movement being there, Qi flow checked, and ONE-NESS present, –and on top of that, you are also given a long list of other requirements, –so that eventually, the Yin and the Yang energies will become so entwined and interrelated that what is demanded of the Yin is also demanded of the Yang. The conductor of such intricate orchestration must be someone with perfect pitch, you say, –someone in the caliber of Mozart and Beethoven, possibly!
Now that is what I call hard!
And a job like that may be called a million year job, as it can stand up for a million years receiving admiration and tribute from unborn geniuses in the posterity.
Now entered folks like Jackson Pollock, someone who had tried to ape the artistic geniuses in their operations without much success, –but he craved the life style of an artist, and wanted to make a few bucks by “doing art!” Since Pollock is unable to create the correct constitution of Yin and Yang energies in an orchestration of divine beauty, he opted to go the opposite way, –i.e. the erratic way! His dripping technique is the expression of such cynicism!
We all know there is only one possible shining path to Reality, – but the erratic ways? They are plenty… !
Are we going to fault him for doing that? No, not at all. This is a free country! As long as that erratic behavior is confined to spheres where human life is not directly or adversely affected, he is entitled to do or say anything. That would be an appropriate action under the law, even though it is an erratic action. The law would still protect erratic action, especially not many people can tell a real art from junk one way or the other. Only an Alpha Seer has the ability to expose an impostor or condemn such actions as erratic, fake, or counterfeit, with wider, unseen, implications of vileness consequently in the larger field of human endeavors. If you make counterfeit money, you are in jail in no time when caught, –but counterfeit art? Who care, right?

NOT TRUE: THE ALPHA SEER DOES, the Alpha Seer aka Master Ben Lau cares!!!!!!

However, the record must be set straight, as the damage to human civilization is done, unseen and unspoken. It is done through the concerted effort of the impostors and the academia. It won’t be just a dent in the big picture, but inherently a much wide-spread disaster, like an epidemic–the creation of gimmicks in the name of art is here to stay. That is how and where vileness find its way into our system, and our global civilization. So infestation is not just confined to the body, without a doubt, it can disease our spirit as well!
It must also be corrected for the record on the eve of the SHE exhibition in the LG Tripp Gallery at Philadelphia: the great master Knox Martin is not interested in the female form. Far from it, folks! Knox always has art as his subject matter!
What has been touted as “female forms” by art critics far and wide is just an excuse adopted by the genius Knox Martin, whereby art is transformed beyond that which is familiar or mundane. Knox is instead taking perception to where it has never been before, –and forgive me for saying this, great art is NEVER intended for the spiritual nourishment of the general public either… . Cezanne had fought hard against the Paris Salon. The same piece of history is now repeating itself. Well, Knox had never been as vocal as Cezanne, –Knox is a much gentler spirit, comparatively more peaceful and serene.
Now if we can all give the great man a break: bravely embracing him as currently the ONLY real thing in the whole wide world, while at the same time, declining to accept anything less than that which provides a shining path to Reality and greatness, then there is still a chance for us to redeem ourselves, to celebrate this Age as it eventually dawns of artistic awakening, a new Renaissance created mainly by the super creator and Alpha Seer Knox Martin!
Considering the fact that deKooning had received wider public acceptance at the age of 65, – whereas the work of Knox is so much more potent and exciting than even that of Cezanne, who was called “the Father of Modern Art, ” Knox’s public recognition is way past its due.
Would you opt to give the great man a break or would you rather the world to withhold a full-scale admiration, and in the meantime futilely projecting someone else to come on the scene anytime soon to bear the torch of artistic enlightenment for mankind, and who would turn out to be just as great as Knox? That is a laughable matter altogether!
It is cowardly thinking, you know!
Herd instinct is never anything but cowardly.

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October 22, 2020

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figure 1: Africa Series 5816 by Ben Lau, a.k.a. the Alpha Seer

I have a Franz Hals print by my bedside. Daily I rise and the image greets me first thing in the morning. Ah, that is what Alpha Art is. It is there, rocking like the Himalayas! For another million of years, – any number of years, it will still be there, rocking like the Himalayas! The Yin and Yang, the unity, the balance, the oneness, the movements, the relationship, the power, the great flow of Qi, –yes, all of that, is what can be found in an Alpha lineage composition, a lineage that goes back to Cezanne, Titian, Van Eyck, as well as ancient Egyptian, Greek, Oriental, and Islamic art. They are the elements that, when fittingly orchestrated by an Alpha Seer, one who has perfect pitch and proper perception, will create a total image in such a way as to exude a certain Fung Shui energy that rocks like the Himalayas! That Fung Shui energy is both delightful and beneficial.

There is one Ben Lau by my bedside too. It is the same, it exudes the same kind of beneficial energy. For any number of years, for million of years more, it will still rock, it will rock like the Himalayas! So a complete composition is one that has been identified by the Alpha Seer as the Alpha lineage composition. It is the Holy Grail of art, the very expression of universal beauty. No matter how well you argue, or how cunning your dissertation is as an academic, you still cannot get away from the truth. The truth will eventually catch up with you. The truth has caught up with Dr. Billy Fried, Ph.D. and bitten him a mouthful! Deceitful impostors, most of them academics, may have looted from the blind, the uninformed, the crowd with over-sized ego and throbbing herd instinct, whose only mindset is to blindly follow the leader or a so-called art expert! Again, one is not judging. One is simply pointing out the facts!

An Alpha lineage composition is a complete thing! It is the holistic thing! All complete compositions enjoy the same status, as they all rock like the Himalayas! Only the creators may vary. Different Alpha Seers may have different intelligence or dispositions. They have different personalities, likes and dislikes, for sure. In short, different Alpha Seers have different artistic DNAs. Some may be more skillful, producing MORE  gorgeous results that can be identified as complete. In other words, in a given time frame, some can produce more precious results, something that will cost you millions to own because they are so rare, rarer than the rarest gems. For example, Knox Martin is a giant in this field. Knox Marin is a super creator of Alpha lineage art! He has many work that can be called, and rightly so, –they can be rightly called complete. Most of Knox Martin’s million dollar jobs rock like the Himalayas! They are million year job as well! Even that notion can be deemed rather too limiting. Why not consider the timeless state, –wherein time is no longer divided into past, present and future, but consider an existence without measurement, –the state of timelessness. It is not just eternal, infinite, but measureless as well as priceless.

Do this little experiment at home: place a print of a Knox Martin painting (since most cannot afford a real Knox Martin painting!) by your bedside. Time can tell! Like a complete baby, – one notices the mouth, the eyes, the belly button, the fingers, the toes, as well as the sexual organ, … . Yes, they are all there, that is why we are calling the baby complete! Nothing is missing in a complete baby! A complete composition is like a complete baby. Nothing is missing in a perfect gift from Mother Nature, indeed, none is amiss in a healthy, blushing, pinkish baby!  A complete artistic or musical composition is by nature, not unlike the baby, something that has come to us with flesh and blood, a gift from Mother Nature! The artistic genius is a gift from Mother Nature, isn’t it? That is why we have identified an Alpha composition as the rarest of gems that is born of the heart and soul of a holy being, one of the most sacred of mysteries in the universe! Believe it or not, the complete composition is the supreme expression of artistic beauty. And verily it won’t bore you, its completeness will never cease to entertain your spiritual curiosity, even if you were to look at it a thousand times everyday. Just as a healthy baby is a work of art, a complete composition is a work of art! Ask the baby’s mother, and find out if there is the possibility for her to become bored by staring at her own sweetheart the whole time, to see if she can be exhausted in that seemingly redundant activity! Ask her and I am sure she won’t lie to you. A “NO!” is a NO! It is that simple! Why is she not bored? I cannot tell you why, – beyond the conjecture that an interest deriving from that simple pleasure of looking cannot diminish, –even if the world can and does. That has been my own experience with the complete composition, and the mother’s with her own cuddling sweetheart!

A complete composition, an Alpha art lineage composition, i.e.  the Mozarts, the Hydn, and the Beethovans of visual art, rocks like the Himalayas, as it is all so natural, and as it is all so rare!

They will cost you many millions to own. They are the stars in the clear of an autumnal night. The rest are just fabrications or imitations. Even the so-called rock stars from the original Rock And Rolls are just sickly imitations, low-quality, mediocre merchandise. In truth, the original Rock and Rolls, or any other folksy celebrities are no more than shabby impostors on the cheap. With their best achieved efforts placed next to the real things, and after fully comparing every aspect of such, with the real things, such as works by Van Eyck, Titian or Cezanne, tell me the differences if you can. In terms of completeness, the Yin and Yang relationships, the strength, the flow, the power of metaphors, the unity, and the balance, etc., etc., tell me their qualitative differences.  I am quite sure that when such a task of comparison has been taken up seriously, it is really not hard to see why a million dollar job must first be a million year job!

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