October 22, 2020

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Figure 1 is another million dollar job by the Alpha Seer profusely praised by the great master Knox Martin. One may see a certain geometrical pattern which combine the Yin energies and the Yang energies in such a way that unity is achieved. This unity is called ONENESS.


Today we shall leave the discussion of art for a while. Instead we are here to discuss something which is more urgent to our existence.

Let this question be asked:

Who is this thing that I have called “I, me, or myself ” throughout my entire existence?

That is the question.

I have met many a deranged persons in my lifetime. Actually there is one I keep seeing everyday as he paces endlessly on the lawn across the street. My house is just opposite a community home for the disabled.

Obviously he has lost his senses to figure that out for himself.

Nothing is sadder in the entire universe to have lost your senses. So precious are they: those are the only things you must protect, not your name, properties, country, king, belief, legacy, and what not… .

Now if you have failed in that understanding, it is still not too late. You still have time to make up. Even Saddam can make up if he can, – before the execution, or Hitler, before his suicide. The main thing is to be alone. Then the next step is to relax and and lay your mind to be at rest, but ever watchful, – more or less like the moment when you fall asleep. i.e. closing your eyes to be at ease totally but not really sleeping. That is the simplest task for everyone whose mental health is still intact, – yet it is the best kept secret… . Only the most introspective, and the most sacred of sages of yore (like Buddha or Jesus) have knowledge about that simple but supreme pleasure.

To be alone does not mean to be a loner. A loner is really an oddball. Quite the opposite, to be alone means you are home again. It means you are free finally. You are unburdened of the worries of life. It means there are no attachment, no trouble, no worry, no fear, no jealousy, no hatred in the whole wide world. It is not an enforced thing. You are just automatically free, that is all. It means you are happy again. It also means you do not have to escape from your demons anymore, since there are no demons, as you can find out. You have found your way into that sanctity of the noblest, – the most perfect.You are with yourself. you are with the universe! In fact you are the universe. the truth is, once you are at that stage of clarity, you can never be feeling lonesome again, though you have not surrounded yourself with friends or relatives, nor money nor fame. Then the answer suddenly clicks, and you have found out who this being really is.

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