October 22, 2020

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To be fully candid with you folks, these commentaries on composition have not been written with the general public in mind, and the Alpha Seer has never aspired to be an art educator. Neither do these commentaries serve the purpose of a composition’s analysis. Every composition is a new invention in its own right. Each one is unique and specific in its own way. It is unique with the artistic DNA of its creator but specific in its full compliance with the Great Lineage from the true artistic geniuses in history. In other words, analysis of a composition does not seem to have too much of an application here.

The general public are mostly inert to art, in fact, –as they have always been to anything beautiful and poetic! They are basically an existential throng, materialistic by nature, stomach filling by need, and sensation seeking by desire. These commentaries on compositions have never been intended for their consumption. Why? The public do not understand artistic greatness! This is by no means a critique on our society, it is simply true of all people in all societies at all times.

If, however, you have found yourself to be a future Picasso, or someone with the great Titian’s artistic potential, then you should be listening and reading these commentaries attentively, because hopefully you will be able to learn TRUE composition one day!

Matisse was right when he said “You cannot teach art!” However, we must understand that statement in context in order to comprehend its true meaning. Of course, you cannot teach art to the general public, – but I am quite sure that you may teach art to those who are highly gifted!

As an artist wannable myself in 1974, I had gone to NYC looking for someone who can truly, - and I mean truly, teach art, and I had the supreme good fortune of finding Knox Martin, –or rather, Knox, me. By an almost impossible streak of luck, I had picked the right town in the entire world, and the right school in that fabulous town, –the Art Students League, to find just such a person! So teaching art to someone had turned out to be an affair of the possible after all! It all depends on WHO you are teaching art to, as well as who YOU are as art teacher! The chance of two highly gifted individuals meeting in NYC in the 70s at an art school was so slim that it now appears to me that destiny may have played a hand. That destiny is predetermined to engage us, two real artists since Cezanne, in order to enable the world in the conserving of true Poetry is especially true when viewing our plight in the aftermath of Postmodernism.


The Alpha Seer teaches art by means of the comparison of two compositions, i.e. through eyeballing two compositions simultaneously. No words are needed in this kind of learning and teaching. Only attentiveness is required.

The Alpha Seer is planting the seeds of good will and good Karma !

The Alpha Seer is teaching art mainly because his great teacher Knox Martin had taught art to him and he is returning the favor to the generations to come.


Figure 1 is an incomplete composition, while 2 is complete. 4973 can be called a masterpiece as well as an extraordinary invention, its tall order is something that all real artists who are worth their salt should aspire to. It took the Alpha Seer himself about 3 months to bring what first began as a sketchy work to its completion.

In this composition, which Knox Martin had praised with over 50 appreciative exclamation bars, one may make the comment that this particular Satyr must be out of his mind in dating such a sickly looking nymph, looking like an alien from the E.T. movie. But all forms in a framework of creation are subjugated to the greater scheme of things, namely, the serious attempts in a conscientious effort in the perfecting of the black and white interactions. What concerns us in such a task are the usual questions of whether a composition is robust with energy, is it free in its Qi flow, or is it without an incident of blockage in its black and white interactions. Pay attention to every subtle change of lines, strokes, shapes, and directions while making an effort to understand why 4973 is a much stronger derivative of 4971. Yes, we are mainly concerned with the usual criteria in the quest for compactness, balance and unity. Do not venture into the landmines of emotive or narrative complications, imagination, sociopolitical commentaries or psychological interpretation! Art exists in the timeless reality realm of beauty only!


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October 22, 2020

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Even though the Alpha Seer (a.k.a. Master Ben Lau) may never see the money, this is definitely a million dollar job for his heirs. Why? Because the great master Knox Martin says so!

11:13 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count the number of appreciative bars: one can sense how much Knox Martin has been excited by this composition. (www.knoxmartin.com) I have been hammering on this thing for 3 months, ask Kate if you don’t believe me… . (Kate is Master Ben Lau’s wife.)

If a present day genius (Knox Martin) concurs with the Alpha Seer (a.k.a. Master Ben Lau) that this is a million dollar job, what makes you think a future artistic genius would possibly believe otherwise?

Such things are so universal and obvious, its beauty will never go away in a billion years, – yet no one, – no one in the whole wide world, except Knox Martin is seeing it!

Ahh, are we blessed or condemned ?

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October 22, 2020

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Figure 1: Woman With Umbrella

Mar 9

to me
wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does Knox Martin (www.knoxmartin.com) “WOW” this painting with one, two, three, four, five, …, hey, 30 bars? What has interested the great man so much for him to dispatch that extraordinary WOW?
What does an artistic genius see that an average viewer cannot?
That is the question, my friends! There are many question marks here but it all boils down to one question.

Let’s face it: whomsoever you have come across so far in life, with the title of “artist”, art critic, or “art professor” etc. are little more than boy/girl scouts in comparison with the maker of this thing which has elicited this extraordinary WOW from an extraordinary man at the heart of American art?

Time to meet the real trooper!

The short answer to that question is, it is a MASTERPIECE!
And why so?
Again, that answer is very simple, –very simple indeed!
Hear my explanation:
If you narrow your eyes and link up all the black together: starting from the umbrella going anti-clockwise to the woman’s hair, you go to her exuberant boob, then following the dog’s tail to the rest of the dog body, – when that pattern has been taken in as a whole, a fine tapestry comes into view: that is the very tapestry at the core of the poetic, or rather, the heart and soul of the calligraphic! That tapestry is more than enough to elicit many a bona-fide genius’ extraordinary “WOWs!”

Of course the composition must, first and foremost, satisfy the golden rules of a perfect composition before any deal can be finalized. What are those golden rules? Ahh, I must concede that it is a much harder thing to explain to the public! The closest I can get to is dispense Matisse’ time-honored observation: You cannot teach art! The fabulous truth is that I may know how to get there, yet there is no road map for me. In other words, there is no guarantee that I can get there at the end of the day, not even with intensive and sustained effort. I cannot re-create a similar deal without what is generally known as “inspiration.” So inspiration is not unlike a southerly breeze entering from an open window. It will not flutter your face with kisses simply because you desire it.

But then why shouldn’t a masterpiece be a most difficult thing to create, –even for the Alpha Seer, or even for the great Knox Martin himself?

It is time to meet the real trooper. It is time to turn your back on the fake, the imaginary, the wannabes, –AHH yes, the boys/girl scouts… . They are like junk food, –there is no nutritious value to it! And your personal soul is such beggarly! Your national spirit is dying of hunger!

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