October 22, 2020

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knox Martin August 31 2012


Many of you still don’t understand what has excited the great master Knox Martin in the latest transaction, SATYR AND NYMPH SERIES 972 (Figure 1.) I have been waiting for your responses, yet that has proven futile. With the exception of Master Olivia and Don Ray, none of you, not even my former student, Leander, has been able to feel the same excitement as the great master Knox Martin has! My point is, if something has created a strong interest in Knox, it should be having the same effect on you as well, since we are all human, and anything enjoyable in the process has to be universal, and contagious!

If you want me to tell you exactly why Knox has enjoyed 972 so much, so you can better understand composition through learning why, first you must temporarily suspend the notion that Ben Lau was the creator of the composition. Forget the creator, just look at the work. The idea is to forget who brings the water, just drink it if you are thirsty enough! You must be able to convince yourself that a masterpiece, or any masterpiece at all, does not belong to anyone in particular, – a masterpiece is just another timeless piece that will go down the corridor of time and get recognized in the collective human consciousness as Greatness, or Beauty, or Truth. In time none of us here will be around to claim ownership for it, or bear witness to it. Like the Great Wave by Hokusai, it will simply exist on its own merit. It is still alive today in the consciousness of men, many years after its creation. That, my friends, is precisely what has excited the great master Knox Martin!

Next let’s come to the nittygritty of it. The reason why it is a superb composition may be listed as follows: 1. Extraordinary compactness! 2. Unusual complexity! 3. Great unity! All you need is narrow your eyes and take in the total black at one glance: I am sure you can visualize this single huge thing configuring the black, –that oneness in your visualization is what we call unity. Then narrow your eyes again to glimpse at the white entity in its entirety: another single huge white thing comes into our view! So black and white, representing Yin and Yang respectively, are intimately entwining each other. A masterpiece that deserves being so called is but one great operation by the artistic genius, namely, in his marshaling of the Yin and Yang forces so they may superbly entwine each other in an intricate way. Don’t believe me? Fine: simply look at the compositions of the great masters, Titian, Velazquez, Cezanne, Picasso, or Matisse to verify it. 4. Powerful relationships, its various strokes and curves are fully harmonized and calligraphically beautiful! Each part is ingeniously related to each other and to the whole in a flat field of activities and of currents, or Qi flow, – all of which eventually crystallized in a metaphor that takes on a life of its own. What metaphor? It is the metaphor of a satyr having fun with his nymph! What sensation was yielded by that metaphor? May I suggest that it has conveyed a sensation of the Arabic, the Chinese calligraphic, the exotic, as well as the antique! The composition has also existed in a formal structure that promises to stand forever, staring down the generations like a gemstone that is consolidated in its own perfection, one that has been created entirely by the genius of man!

So where is the newness? You seem to be asking. I can tell you right now that you are looking at it, without even recognizing it. The metaphor is in and of itself, every bit as new, or as fresh, as a newborn baby! Have you seen it before? If your answer is negative, then congratulations: you are on the right track. Unfortunately some egoistic minds will never fail to insist that this work cannot be new, how can it?– since a satyr having fun with his nymph is an old, old theme. True, we might have it in the past with different artists, each having attempted this familiar, time-honored theme, e.g. Titian, Watteau, Picasso, and what have you, might have had their own versions of Satyr and Nymph series, yet when you look carefully, can you not see that each composition is unique, different and specific? Of course I refer to the complete compositions only, –ONLY the Holy Grails of Art, and NOT illustrations by non artists.

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October 22, 2020

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All Summer long the Alpha Seer has been getting his personal “Olympic Golds” from the great master Knox Martin. I heard from Gaby, his studio assistant, that Knox is also getting his own much- coveted award from a certain national institute of art. I am so happy for him, and have offered my heartfelt congratulations. However, one obvious advantage, – perhaps the only one, that the Alpha Seer has over his former teacher Knox Martin is that the latter gets his award from a ragtag band of judges, to whom chicken waste and real art do not have too much of a distinction, and whom an eyeless bat would be unwilling to compete in its depth of blindness against, whereas the Alpha Seer is getting his “Olympic Golds” from the great Knox Martin himself, the only Supreme Court of Fine Art in the whole wide world.

Call it Karma if you would. Knox martin will have his next major exhibition in New York pretty soon, but he can never forget the only art dealer in his life who could truly understand art and had given the young Knox Martin his very first major “Oscar” in his budding career as an artist. The world famous dealer Charles Egan had given the young Knox a major place in his anniversary show. Knox would never forget that magnanimous gesture, since he was just a young man in his 20s and a virtual unknown entity, whereas Egan had been responsible for bringing such artistic heavy-weights as Wilhem de Kooning, Elias Goldberg and Arshile Gorky to the consciousness of mankind. Egan was indeed a great dealer in the Beat generation and enjoyed much prestige. On art representation, there is no one else whatsoever in Knox’ later years as artist that the latter would trust and respect so deeply as Charles Egan. Most other art dealers Knox had come across had been disappointing failures and art illiterates, a quite a few, one Ron G and one HMK, as well as a guy with a Russian name, from Russia, were thieves. They had robbed him blind. How did the Alpha Seer learn about that? Those same dealers had also given the Alpha Seer representation because Knox had often spoken so kindly of his student Ben Lau in front of them. Yes, if they had robbed me blind, just imagine how big the loot would have been from a nationally-renowned New York master Knox Martin! So call it Karma if you would. It still remains a fact that Charles Egan was the only true appreciator of Knox Martin’s art, the one and only!

The great Knox Martin has commented on the last Satyr and Nymph series, (which is valid also with the vertical black removed, –replaced by a thin line, … .)

On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 9:15 PM, Knox wrote:
W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FIGURE 2: BIG PUMPKIN (Theresa stands behind the Alpha Seer. She is his sister)

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