October 22, 2020

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Without a doubt Knox Martin’s brilliantly beautiful B/W paintings, further ripened with the years and replenished with steadier, fabulous wisdom, has arrived at a point of what is generally known as the crowning moment of glory in the artist’s career as well as for humanity, since Knox is the greatest artistic genius since Jan Van Eyck!
I do now look at Knox Martin differently as distinguished from the Knox I have known for 30 some years. By even a fleeting regard upon the wondrous stuffs on the Woodward Gallery catalog, I am already fully aware of the kind of revelation and promise that is in store for the fantastic feasting of my eyes!
It was like, …–Oh my god! And, zoom, …Lo! the familiar memory of the man is no more, somewhat like, … Hey! that is somewhat like the mapping of the course of an electron at flight, one that leaps to the beyond, – with speed of infinite immediacy!
So let the celebration begin, and the music, and the wine freely flow!
Some may not be able to dance now because they are completely blind, but I doubt not that this supreme festive mood can penetrate and infest even the heaviest Venetian blind of the spirit! Remember: you were not supposed to be blind. Recall yourself being a fetus still in your mother’s womb. Recall that spirit in case you want to resume that precious gift of seeing again. No one is born as an impure spirit, –not even the worst criminal of our time, such as Hitler or bin Laden. It is your own thinking ( automatic and usually chaotic activities of the mind ) that has betrayed you, – and all of us. Your thinking, –and nothing else. Have I not made myself clear enough?
Certainly no one can accuse the Alpha Seer of not seeing what is profanely hidden to the Joes, Jacks, and Jills, – of unenlightened spirits!

This is the Golden Age of Art, if only one were able to perceive the forces unseen by the casual, – general mass of humanity, – this show at the Woodward Gallery, ladies and gentlemen, will mark a supremely important moment in history, – that is, the unsurpassed glory being remarkably registered and fondly documented herein this brief statement, that of a singular peak being climbed, and what formerly impossible obstacles, – now nonchalantly dismissed by the supreme force of a giant and most resourceful genius Knox Martin!
And, Homo-Sapiens, limping and hopping along in his ape-ly aspects, pitifully slumbering off since the death of Picasso and deKooning, may once again retake his seat at the Council of the Gods, and in joyous celebration in the realm of Beauty!
And to see the 87 Year old master beating a lawyer at her own games one day with an overpowering round of words, – is itself a delight beyond words!
Frida Kahlo? Did the woman attorney say she was an admirer of Frida? Ha, ha, ….! Did she also mention that Kahlo was to her more than just a name, – or maybe some towering heroine, –or an otherworldly, ghostly or UFO influence in the figment of her imaginations, out of an idling and fanciful mind?
What an art illiterate this woman attorney!
One year at MCAD ( The Alpha Seer was an MFA candidate there, –BIG MISTAKE!!!!) I had a certain Professor Patricia B, one who had proudly proclaimed to her class that she had her dissertation of 300+ pages and so forth, – written on the subject of Henri Matisse and so on, – can you believe that… and the great master Henri Matisse her main man in the dissertation, …!? Frankly, that meant a lot to someone like the Alpha Seer, –so touching, –you bet! Yet, lo and behold: no sooner had those words taken shape in the Alpha Seer’s ear-drum than she suddenly made a full 180 degrees turn-around, and went on to exclaim, with various gesticulations of sighs and admiration every now and then, punctuating what I would describe as mundane academic theatricals, that “Mark Rothko” was “her god!” Had you been a witness to that drama, you would be deeply confused too.
Is she a habitual liar caught often in the act of making the comparison of a mosquito to an elephant, so as to usurp that authority of professorship, believing that no one in the know is watching, – and expecting to get away with impunity, –or is she simply an idiot believing that everyone else in the whole wide world should be as dumb as her?
Fortunately, we have Knox Martin to shield us from an unsightly world of academic impostors!

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Even though one cannot possibly explain it to the laymen, –something that is as elusive to the public as an elephant is to a blind man…, –but what on earth is this “Holy Grail of Art” like?

First off, like the beautiful Kate Lau had said, the Holy Grail of Art is not a theory, – neither is it a figment of the imagination, but every bit as real, true, genuine and tangible to the artistic genius as an elephant is to an open-eye man, something as REAL as the REALITY itself!

In short, the Holy Grail of Art is not something to be doubted, as the major artistic genius experiences it in his daily existence as artist.

I can tell you what the Holy Grail of Art is like, – right here and now, – even though explaining it to the laymen is pretty much still an impossible task to accomplish!

As if in a perfect feat of archery, one single miss of, say, as little as a nano-second, can create enough havoc to upset a perfect piece of execution! That would most certainly cause the target to be missed altogether. And that is exactly the same situation with the holy Grail of Art! That gives you an idea of how intense and specific it is about the Holy Grail of Art!!!! It goes without saying that it is an extremely difficult state of being!

The Alpha Seer had toiled through the summer of 2012, as ye all knew. The Alpha Seer had produced one piece of junk after another since our friend Jane had departed Bloomington, (Jane is American and a virtual Nun dwelling in a Tibetan monastery, she nevertheless holds the claim of understanding fully the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and the Gautama Buddha.) No inspiration for the Alpha Seer was in sight!

The Alpha Seer had literally torn his hairs out in his endeavor. In order to create a perfect timeless gem, days upon nights the Alpha Seer’s thoughts had been on the Holy Grail of Art, steadfast attention was fixated on the rarest of prizes! There was so much sacrifice and such heart-wrenching disappointment! I believe I can accomplish that hardship only with Knox Martin still around.

Let me explain why… .

The toil in search for the Holy Grail of Art can be so intense! It is super hard work! and the Alpha Seer is one piece of spoiled brat who had never been groomed for any kind of success. When the great master Knox Martin is still around, the Alpha Seer is obliged to salute him: Knox is so big!!!!!!!! He is the highest point: a human Himalaya! Knox is the coolest star in the horizon,

SO FANTASTICALLY KOOOOOOOOOOOL and BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knox Martin’s recognition for the Alpha Seer recently has temporarily vindicated the latter! The Alpha Seer had been able to keep his crown of Alpha Seer. The Alpha Seer had just achieved his personal “Olympic Gold” through Knox’s recognition! The truth is, the Holy Grail of Art is a more significant, hard- to- achieved goal than any Olympic gold on earth. Who in the public would still remember, for example, Michael Phelps, in 180 years from now?

But people still know who Titian is several hundred years after his death. Knox and Ben, teacher-student, – Franz Hals and Adrienne Brouwer, henceforth, will prevail FOREVER!

The award and applause from the greatest of artistic geniuses like Knox Martin is much more intense, and certainly way more precious than the award and applause from an unruly crowd, who can only read the physical, the superficial, and the obvious!

Not only is Knox Martin one of the greatest masters of all times, he is, without a doubt, one of the greatest teachers of all time! Why? Because he has been able to teach the impossible to his student, Ben Lau !

What on earth is this unteachable component?

What is impossible is in the teaching of the LINEAGE, – namely, the Holy Grail of ART! The same mysterious component which had led Matisse to declare as unteachable over a century ago!

FIGURE 1 MATISSE PAINTING ( in black and white)

Let’s now have a Matisse moment here.
Let’s examine the Matisse above.
Even with a genius as formidable as Henri Matisse, the perfection in the composition is as yet forthcoming. That composition is incomplete. A bit of correction can easily turn it into the Holy Grail of Art. Out of respect for a great, great master, I am not going to point that out here. If you can see what I saw, however, please let me know about it confidentially, –out of respect for Matisse, our major heir to Paul Cezanne! (the Alpha Seer’s email address: www.alphaseer@gmail.com)

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Knox knox@nyc.rr.com
10:50 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
MAJOR ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOX

The great master Knox Martin always speaks out whenever the composition really does it’s job, – and doing it well enough! Here we have a classic example of exactly when a composition first comes into being as composition, –or, to be more precise, at what point something raw and non-specific can be finally realized as a complete composition. When it is a full composition, the great Knox Martin always concurs in delightful approval and applause. He concurs not simply because he likes what he sees, or is emotionally attached to the picture, or gets tickled by the theme therein, but because Knox Martin, true to his honorable, truthful nature, must obligingly put his stamp of approval down in the recognition of a perfect composition, –a timeless diamond without flaw.

Once again, we can see that by removing the spoiler black in Figure 1, one has given it the LIFE of a composition since only at this exact point that a true composition first comes into being.

One must look at art in terms of the Qi Reality. By taking out the black in Figure 1, Qi is allowed free flow in the composition. In addition to the free flow, there is also the consideration of the Reality of Calligraphic Relationship, which stipulates that this spot of black has nothing whatsoever to do with the black body at large. In other words, this little stinker of a black spot has not been able to establish a real Calligraphic Relationship here. When something like that happens, the black becomes a stand-out black, an isolated dot, an ugly cul-de-sac, or a dangling appendix, and as such, it has become the spoiler of the party, a party in a mode of joyous celebration, – of the breath-taking Yin and Yang relationship within the composition!

Essentially there is nothing seriously wrong with a bit of spoiler here and there if the attempt at composition is serious enough–but if one wants to go for the Holy Grail, –i.e. by definition of its birthright, a composition should be nothing else but one THAT HAS COME INTO BEING, one that HAS TAKEN ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN, – hence there must be serious examinations, inspections, watchfulness, – and last, – but not least, agreements between at least two Alpha Seers.

Even the great ingenious Knox Martin himself must examine and inspect his own work for a long time, – sometime by his own admission, for as long as 6 months.

The Calligraphic Relationship Reality cannot be fully understood except by a major artistic genius, i.e. an Alpha Seer. For that reason, this author won’t even bother to explain what it means, or what it is. Ahh, the Calligraphic Reality, –the Holy Grail of Art! Even though you may not fully understand what it is, yet let me assure you that it is the exact same element that had caused Matisse into making this famous, timeless statement:

“Art cannot be taught!”

If a student of art has failed to examine a Matisse, or understand fully the inner workings of the Yin and Yang interactions in a great master’s composition, one has not known art at all. But can one be a serious student of art with so much distractions going on in modern day life? And with such enormous sensational stuffs going on all around, who would even bother to ask and answer this simple question: What is art? So in the final analysis, unless you truly understand the Holy Grail of art, i.e. the Reality of Calligraphic Relationship, art can never, in a million years, be of such deep interest in your life. For that reason, understanding, asking, and finally answering the simple question, “What is Art?” is next to impossible for the lay people, –the general public!

When the great Knox Martin declares ‘major art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’, he essentially takes that to mean ‘true art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’. When a composition is true art, a living composition, then there is no longer the question of major or minor, neither is there the question of big or small. In other words, duality no longer exist!

So once again we can see that art fits perfectly in the Dharma of the Buddha of Gautama.

The great master Knox Martin is the Emperor in Art! His reign in Art will be everlasting!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the great master’s website: www.knoxmartin.com If you think you are a young artistic genius, that is a must visit site.

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