October 22, 2020

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Figure 1: Leonora   by the great master Knox MartinFigure 2: woman Interested  by the great master Knox MartinFigure 3: Star Flower by the great master Knox MartinFigure 4: Maryellen by the great master Knox Martin

Most of Knox Martin’s paintings have a single title: Woman. WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN? It tells us immediately that the predominant subject matter of Knox Martin is “Woman.” Like Titian or Ingres, there are NO other contents, emotive, narrative, spiritual, philosophical or otherwise outside of the pure metaphorical images created by Knox Martin, – of women!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knox Martin has often insisted that the subject matter of ART is ART itself. In other words, he has in effect created an equivalent sign between “Woman” and ART in his work! Make no mistake: his subject matter is “Woman”, which is also ART as well, –as “Woman” has already taken root in his art and has taken over completely as a code name for ART!

It is very clear from this oft adopted title of “Woman” that his art solidly points to a poetic persuasion VIA the FIGURATIVE, – NOT, as most contemporary art critics claimed, Abstraction! To call his art the examples of Abstract Expressionism is therefore, a wholesale misunderstanding of his art, –or of ART itself for that matter! Anyone who makes that claim truly does not know what he/she is talking about! This must be clarified, since the Alpha Seer is currently about the ONLY person who can fully understand the art, as well as the artistic intent of the magnificent genius of Knox Martin!

The very bedrock of Painting is the creation of visual metaphors. The only aim of composition is to attain universal harmony through the realization of Yin and Yang. That is a noble and timeless principle derived from universal laws, which have driven the creative energies of artistic geniuses from times immemorial! What would Knox Martin gain by denying it, and substituting it with the so-called Abstraction, which is nothing more than the worthless and idle imagination of the mind, – for his artistic expressions? It does not make any sense at all, does it ? By displaying the great work by Knox Martin, the Alpha Seer hopes to establish his peerless status for the future generations.

Clarity must be established at the first instance, right from the starting point. Clarity can only be attained through a correct reading of ART. To say Knox Martin’s work is the examples of Abstract Expressionism can only create further confusions. There is no clarity in the claim of an art illiterate, especially the blind academics or critics who regularly offers snake-oils to the general public, some art addicts who crave those poisons in desperation, – somewhat like a shot of steroid to work up the adrenaline of their addictions. Art addicts are driven by their herd instincts, and they will readily follow anyone who appears to hold the pretension of leadership. since the blind public yearns for someone to lead them, that is the desire that the art academics will cater to. Deception is so easy when a herd desperately desire to be deceived… !

Finally, to claim Knox Martin’s work as belonging to Abstract Expressionism does not do justice for the amazing quality of his genius, since making such a claim one must have failed, from the very beginning, miserably to recognize the singularly magnificent and major contribution of Knox Martin to modern Painting in our lifetime, namely, the REINVENTION OF PAINTING ITSELF

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