October 28, 2020

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Figure 1:  Woman Devoured In a Tsunami

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Comment by the great master Knox Martin (http://www.knoxmartin.com)
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This is great! Are these linocuts?
(Comment by Master Olivia, the daughter of the great master Knox Martin)

Folks in modern time often hang this in

their mouth:  “Great” this or “great” that! (referring to the

Lucien Freud article. Freud had been called a “great Realist”,

but he is actually an impostor! The critic Robert Hughes is a

blind fish, to say the least!)

There is no art in realism. Realism means

illustration. Only the lowest kinds of intellect

would waste their time doing illustration, or imitation!

When such people rise to fame, with many other fools

blowing his trumpet, egging him on,

Humanity is loathed! The true greatness of

the era is insulted!

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