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Figures: from top to bottom: Rubens' Portrait of Helena Fourment 384, Rubens' Portrait of His Family 385, The Alpha Seer's Yogawoman 387, The Alpha Seer's Woman With Cat 388 The Alpha Seer was explaining composition to an audience at an art school and someone said, "Fuzzy!" So he turned to him and said, " Son, I hear you. but granted an addition or elimination in a composition, no matter how insignificant it might appear to you, particularly when it has changed all the dynamics in that composition, --how can you possibly call that action fuzzy?" i did not know if he had understood what i meant. Indeed very few people from that particular audience did, as their questionings later on had testified. If a person had been asking stupid questions regarding the same issue, over and over again, for example, -- the Alpha Seer would have known he was not getting it! We have two cases in point here: Woman with Cat 388 looks almost exactly like the one shown earlier, has now officially become a complete painting. So has Yogawoman 387. The additions and eliminations that have taken place seems insignificant to the uninitiated, but they have definitely changed all the dynamics in the composition. Rubens is the First Student of Titian. I call him that because no one can understand Titian better than Rubens. Rubens is a great master in his own right, of course. The Alpha Seer calls him a student of Titian simply because he had studied Titian in his youth. Rubens knew all of Titian's Laws of Composition, especially the one that I had coined "Titian's Law of General Completion of Poetry, " which deals with finishing touches. If you take a quick glance at the Yin and Yang dynamics in Rubens' compositions as shown here as 384 and 385, i. e. take in Yin (black) with your eye at its totality, remember the general form of it. Take a break, then quickly glance at the Yang (white) at its totality, . . . What greets your eyes are two gigantic forms embracing each other intimately and snugly. Until that happens, a composition can only be called unfinished at best! A law is a law! Imagine the stars do not follow the Law of Gravitation, you will surely yield a better disaster than a mere tsunami. I can behold Joe laughing. Excellent lawyer, this Joe! He knows what I am talking about. . . . I had a couple of Wahyanite lawyers here in this hall some time ago. Actually we had grown up together in Hong Kong. But they had requested to leave the hall. . . . They did not get it! Their request was granted forthwith, and they would not even get billed, --for the Alpha Seer teaching them Laws and Dynamics that they had failed to see! And they call themselves "lawyers , " too! Provincial lawyers are they! It does take a lot to be an international lawyer. Ask Joe! Joe can tell you what it takes to become an international, or even cosmic lawyer, Joe used to teach in a law school too. In any case, just consider this: If Titian wants civilization to admire him for 10000 years, can he afford to be not "fuzzy ?" ************************************************************************************************************ THE GREAT KNOX MARTIN HAS SPOKEN: On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 12:09 PM, Knox <> wrote:

In understanding Titian's Law in reference to Modern Art, one must not forget to behold the great master Knox Martin (www. knoxmartin. com) and recognize him as the First Student of Titian in Modern times. (There is no such thing as "postmodern", which is a dumb twist, or a cunning spin, in the play of words by a bunch of artists wannabe, such as Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, [] Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, Chuck Close, Michael Foucault, etc. They do not even know what "art" means! "Postmodernism" is a scam, -- a better way of looking at it, -- a shoddy mind game!) In addition, Knox is also the super-creator who has transcended Titian's Laws, taking them to the next levels. He has created the Knox Martin woman, which is a big deal, -- a big leap upward, -- if you really know, -- and exactly, --his invaluable contribution to Modern Art!

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