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Figure 1: satyr and nymph series 170 Figure 2: satyr and nymph series 171 The realized one essentially exists in the fetus stage, innocent, without prior conditioning, surrendering, vulnerable. . . -- Nothing is for him pure or impure, neither is there enlightenment, nor darkness, noble or ignoble, -- whereby the observer is also the observed, and color is emptiness, and emptiness title>, color. . . . For such a being it is learned and understood that anything [title>] seen, heard, received, acted upon, thought about, tasted, is nil but emptiness. He cannot be categorized as born, nor can he, characterized as unborn. . . Title> . since he no longer has anything to do with this brief life, mere sojourn, -- a blip on the radar of Timelessness, --which is Emptiness itself. He suddenly finds himself bathing in exuberant Bliss on the other shore, so much richer than your kings or presidents, who, to him are no more than pitiable beggars! He has arrived! Going into this fetus stage, or Samadhi, or deep meditation, -- can be truly easy for some, --almost like a crow casually flapping its wings, just to take flight in the next instance, -- but so extremely hard for many others, --as though moving the Himalayas with a spoon is even easier, -- yes, there is still hope for the Himalaya to be removed after many lives! -- unfortunately, the growth in strength of his spirit can still be expected to remain in Block One. . . ! Unchanged after so many lives! For those who are deeply attached to the spurious comfort of money, power, passion, and competitions, as if everything in life depend on it: even after so many lives later they still would fail to learn the lessons of suffering. . . . title> Such folks must be moving in circles, or walking about in dreams! The Alpha Seer

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