October 28, 2020

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STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!   KNOX
Figure 1: Satyr and Nymph Series 941 by the Alpha Seer formerly called Ben Lau
The great master Knox Martin (www.knoxmartin.com) says “Stunning!!!!!!!!!!”, and please note the number of bars in this hearty exclamation….
When Knox Martin says stunning, no one in the world can argue against it, since he is the ULTIMATE authority in this game.
So are you saying you don’t believe in authority…?
BRAVO, my son…!
No, …don’t get me wrong! Now wait a minute: I was just about to applaud you, except for the fact that, when all of a sudden, looking out from my car going down Lyndale Avenue S. by Uptown, I saw this huge crowd scrambling for  tickets in subzero weather, with everyone squeezing into Walker Art Center for a glimpse of the universally admired Andy Warhol, his Brillo Boxes, his Campbell Soups, Monroe silkscreens, Mao in heavy cosmetics and all, …Aha, I almost forgot, the renowned critic Mary Abbe had earlier spoken fondly about the whole racket, declaring that Warhol had successfully made a sociologically relevant statement for our times and so forth… !
Ah! Pop art, the rage of the 21st Century!
Thus had the renowned Mary Abbe from the Star Tribune spoken…!
And in that crowd I saw YOU !
I heard Andy had, before dying of AIDS, made a big pile of money after pulling off this trick of a make-believe-it -is- art game, – he and accomplice Robert Rauschenberg, allegedly supported by the broadest of a general public ever recorded in the history of mankind, especially by those citizens who had loudly proclaimed their sacred independence from the influence of all authorities, and had challenged authority ferociously, –while ironically under the horrendous influence of the same anyway, – in whatsoever way, form, color or smell they had proceeded by….
Can the Alpha Seer not see this coming ?
He has not called himself the Alpha Seer for some idol reasons!
And now he must also call himself the Clarifier, “to clarify for Humanity” is the meaning of that term, quite a strange one, eh? ( I know Kate would laugh right out again…, she is sunbathing in Thailand now, but who cares, –as long as it does not mean “the Pope!”…?)
But there, I am not withholding my applause, son, I have yet to dispense it like every single permissive parent you find in this country, as you have the gut to stand up and protest against authority! And really some gut, – and oh, by that I mean courage, (aside) –He, hee, … truly not bad for a blind fish who is entitled to fully nothing but darkness, and the murky river to swim in, …–where the arse of an elephant might be just as good as his balls, … and if I could remember correctly: someone from Harvard University with Ph.D had put that in your fine head, and instantly you were charmed, – and full credibility was given him without question… by you , son!
Nevertheless, even with that dismal recall I still won’t let thing stand in the way, your daring has impressed me, and that would still set you apart, at least, –from the crowd who obey nothing but their own herd instincts!
Well, if nothing else, the Clarifier is hereby giving you his approval for your boldness– following some good examples of contemporary parents whose indulgence in their child’s immense ego, while dwarfing it with theirs, ( the parents’ indulgence, obviously is so much more immense that the boy’s ego is no match for it…, ) applaud the little brute’s ignorance, incompetence and laziness….!
Had Knox Martin passed a comment without the slightest deliberation on whatsoever was being said, unaware of how others might be thereby affected, or in so doing, forgetting that he has a fine reputation to protect, being a serious master as he is, on the art scene of New York city for the past 60+ years, then we can surely argue that Knox is just voicing his own opinion, –and nothing else but that…!
However, any full bloomed idiot who has been following the Alpha Seer for any number of years, or someone who has paid attention to the Alpha Seer’s art blog for the last 7, will know very well this is hardly the case at all!
Were Knox to act like the deluded buffoons who are currently running the shows of art criticisms in all of our U.S. academia, and who do not know what exactly they themselves are talking about, –then we can all agree that, here too, we have a most careless man, by the name of Knox Martin, whose judgment and character we question… !
However, a reasonable and careful research on Knox Martin, his profile, his art, or his humanity, will yield nothing but the finding that none of the above is true! And knowing where Knox is coming from is an additional piece of excellent data that can be played like a trump card, to dispel any lingering doubts on his character or judgment!
Knox the artistic genius has indeed based his critique on such great masters as Titian, Van Eyck, Frans Hals, Adriaen Brouwer, Rubens, Ingres, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, and de Kooning, etc.
Now one can see that his statement of “Stunning!!!!!!!!!!” is not by any means, just blabbering from  his personal opinion, nor is it careless utterance, since, with the supreme backing of the masters that had existed before him, whatsoever he is saying about art can be found to be fully substantiated.
In other words, in whatever artist statement that those aforesaid masters had been in consensus of, there is nothing that will prevent Knox Martin from knowingly concurring on the same !
Why has the Clarifier made that long drawn-out, yet logically sound, step-by step, reasoning? Is he trying to prove something? Sometimes it just might appear to be so redundant or childish about this Clarifier, since it certainly appears that he had argued something similar before… .
And the answer to that is, my son, were it not for this notion that, seeing art, or its existence thereof, is indeed hard for most people, the Clarifier would have contentedly retired into oblivion. And, as I recall, it has taken someone with great honesty, some heavy- weight in art, by the name of Henri Matisse, to persistently spell out the following:
So folks, since most of you here may not be as artistically endowed as Henri Matisse, it is therefore pertinent to admit full ignorance, be genuinely humble, to rein in the ego and its indulgence, before one can get even the slightest chance of an induction into enlightenment!
You cannot get enlightened simply because you have desired it. If you were ever enlightened, it is a happening !  So my proposal is, why not simply return to the real authorities in art, — the REAL THINGS, — like Van Eyck, Titian, Frans Hals, Rubens, Adriaen Brouwer, Cezanne, Degas, Ingres, Picasso and Matisse, etc.? Then the next step is to fortify yourself with the passion of diligence and focus, before embarking on the study of art from its sacred source ?  Once you are armed with that noble knowledge of composition, this is what I will say to you, lad: Welcome back to the current conversation! Take a serious look at our art here. Look again and again before beautiful things come your way like breeze in Spring, then properly relax and allow more pleasant surprises to overwhelm you throughout this religious viewing, eventually to decipher the underlying wisdom of Knox’s critique of “Stunning!!!!!!!!!!”
May the Clarifier himself also make an addition here then,

This art, entitled Satyr and Nymph Series 941, IS TRULY ONE POETRY OF AN EXPOSITION, –one hell of a significant phenomenon, – not to be repeated again for the next 200 years!

The Clarifier must blow his own trumpet since there is not another art critic out there in the whole wide world who is up to it and therefore, has a single clue about it!

This art therefore deserves better and more profound scrutiny, – and of course it takes more than just the simplistic reaction, one of robotically reacting to existence, following the instincts of the herd, and of mindlessly answering an all-call from sad looking Mary Abbe of the Star Tribune, to eventually getting into line, – all stupidity piling upon one frigid day at Walker Poverty Center, for a clueless glimpse of one con-man, Andy Warhol, pulling his trick of “Everything is art, –and mark my words for it: Nothing in the world can therefore be non-art!
That question, just as “Why Hitler had succeeded in killing so many Jews?” EQUALLY relevant, –always baffles the mind!
But this dialog must be kept valid, and this question constantly asked, so the mind may snap to attention, become vigilant, and become aware again!
The moment you have realized that none of what you used to do, – especially when it comes to art, can make any sense in life anymore, –that same “million- dollar moment” experienced by my former protege, Professor Leander S. Hughes, of Saitama University, for example, then you know you have arrived–inside you!
When that happens, may you have my heartfelt blessings, son! And may I assure you that it is just the sweetest moment of your life!
How so?
You have hit ENLIGHTENMENT, yes, the jackpot that is ENLIGHTENMENT!–and you alone would know it!
Until then, my son, you are simply as blind, and as miserable, as a bat.., or even blinder than one!
And why do I care? I will tell you why some other days, but for now it suffices to say simply this:
You’ve got to understand your own predicaments, as
YOU HAVE STUPIDLY SQUANDERED YOUR HUMANITY: THE RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR BEING HUMAN, THROWING IT OUT like a manic spendthrift, the rare, golden opportunity for being human….!
The CLARIFIER, formerly known as the Alpha Seer

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October 28, 2020

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Figure 1: 0210 by Pablo Picasso

Not too many of you have got the basics of a composition yet, –I am afraid!
Several young persons here have it, and their gratitude and delight is a form of energy that radiates, – young people are more likely to receive the profound knowledge of composition, as a curious and malleable mind have they!  Then the Alpha Seer could sense that some old folks from his Wah Yan past also have it.

However, if the majority of folks on my “Enlightened Friends Panel” still don’t get it, there could be a problem, which is, that all of the Alpha Seer’s work in his basement simply will not see the light of day, which is contingent on public understanding and acceptance. Let me be a little more explicit here: I am running free art appreciation classes because there is the wish that the public will get enlightened eventually. The inner driving force is to have my heir Isabella properly deal with those basement junks for posterity, instead of just submitting them to a wild bonfire after her old man passes away. My idea of securing such a scheme for the unknown future is by providing her with an incentive: the awareness that her inherited junks can one day turn out to be worth a bunch, if she would persist in the effort of dragging them along as she changes address!  It is my observation that poorer folks in town change address often, and my little girl would probably have a less prosperous future than most as she is intent on saving the world and the frogs. Then guess what, the poverty stricken gal may even have a shot at becoming more prosperous one of these days. Ahh, who know what the future thinks…. really?

No one knows exactly what secrets the future holds, yet my concern is to avoid having those art getting engulfed in some future flame. And if they can be properly preserved, then lo and behold, the future could brighten up like never before! Let me guess, Postmodernism will be lying low in the Ditch of Oblivion should Alpha Art prevail! Clouds will then disperse like thin naked devils as the sun returns to his majesty!

So today I will take your hands, boys and girls, and walk you through every step of the way trying to understand composition, following the exact same path that I went through as a young dude….

0210 in the illustrations above is the simplest composition of them all. Let’s adopt it as our model here. Those art were by the extremely brilliant Picasso, – with the exception of the last two. At first I thought of showing the great Knox Martin’s art here as well, but as his work are being copyrighted in increasing number, I am forced to withdraw the desire. Eventually, one must view his art by visiting his personal website of www.knoxmartin.com.

The first thing you should know: I  have divided the composition, the white areas (or Yang) into subsets of Pure Yang, –i.e. the area being denoted by B. There is a lot of significance in this division as you will learn later on that art is created in an embrace of Yin and Yang. Leave Pure Yang alone, untouched by Pure Yin, nothing will happen, and nothing ever will, –but a horrid tempest is raised the moment Pure Yang invades Pure Yin! When a man ejects semen into the womb of a woman, what kind of tempest can be raised? That is a Biology question, you said, but that is just your opinion!

We shall deal with the white subsets only. Of course, you can do the exact same thing with your black subsets if you so want, but it would be redundant, and hence unnecessary, …Yes, the Yin subsets are the complements of their Yang counterparts, and vice versa!

Now let’s say A and B are the subsets of  white. (Actually, it is helpful to consider A as an extension of B, since Pure Yang can flow into each another, or merge into each other as one.) Don’t forget: Yang can flow into Yin just as well: consider the penetration of mercury, and you will be amazed how the universe operates in this art of penetration and invasion! B is hereby denoted as the dominant Pure Yang, and A, the extended Pure Yang, in order to acknowledge how everything work together, relating to one another, setting up the dynamism of life and what not.

We shall call C, D , E , F, G, the extensions of B, or more appropriately, the extended subsets of Yang. The areas denoting the head and the hair have more Yin elements than Yang elements. Simply consider them as subsets in transit. I used to call them the twilight zones!
Even as twilight zones, they can still be read as subsets of B, or Yang. From another point of view though, it can also be recognized as subsets of Pure Yin. So how you treat them will depend on your eyes’ fielding emphasis.

C, D, E, F, G, and the twilight zones are areas where Yin and Yang (or black and white) intersect, intermingle, interact, and interplay. The union of Yin and Yang is always interesting, as life is a possible outcome. You may say the twilight zones are where Yin&Yang engage each other vigorously with a relatively weaker Yang initiative and that it is about to fade into Pure Yin or that Pure Yin is expected to take over soon, …just as when the curtain of darkness drops Queen Night is in reign! On the other hand, dawn is the counterpart zone where darkness will soon disappear, and King Sun restored to his throne!

There are not a whole bunch of requirements to watch for as soon as you have that basic relationship of Yin and Yang down, neither is there a formula from which one should follow. What is to be emphasized is that in a Cezanne’s composition, there are Pure Yang with its subsets, and there are Pure Yin with its subsets. There is the possibility for creation when everything is in place, where Pure Yin and Pure Yang embrace, – and through the execution of an artistic genius, (think of the creation of the universe!) life can be a possible outcome! If his genius is immense, there will be more to it than the creation of a universe, –a new universe, or other new universes are being created all at once! In the playing fields of the great master Knox Martin, for example, you may begin to have a taste of multiple universes, which are totally unmapped, very much unlike the universe we are familiar with. Occasionally, the Alpha Seer himself also breaks new grounds and when that happens, the basement studio is in a festive mood, and his wife Kate will learn about it soon as she would think the dude is crazy!  For that reason, a composition should be defined as a playing field whereby Yin interacts with Yang, Yin and Yang penetrate each other, intertwine each other. Ultimately, Yin and Yang embrace and dance as one. Once the building blocks of life are in place, put there by the artistic genius, CREATION is complete! Yes, I emphasize “life” because at the hand of a mediocre person, there is no guarantee for life to exist at all! And I emphasize creation because the artistic genius has the ability to reflect godliness, which is everywhere in the ways of the universe. Look at the night sky in the fields when you are away from the metropolis. As the clouds depart, the ways of Yin & Yang is revealed to you like an open book. Be utterly amazed by this splendid universe of yours, –yes, it is your universe, –yours alone, because when you are not there, who is observing? Your universe is right there in front of you, –the whole thing, – not a single chunk is amiss!!!!! The way of the universe is the way of Yin & Yang! Under the orchestration of a master, with momentum expertly set, balance and harmony observed, and into that equation is installed the Supreme Mathematical Relationship, then like a miracle, there it is, – the first breath of life!  Cezanne’s composition is fully reflected in Picasso’s own. Such is the way of the Universal Composition! You don’t have to worry about Supreme Mathematical Relationship (SMR) unless you believe you are an artistic genius! Remember: just being talented is not enough! You have to be an artistic genius in this business! If you believe you are an artistic genius, SMR will become your next worry, – since if you are not what you think you are, soon you will learn that however hard you try, there is this SMR hanging over you in a mocking, disrespectful way… With that, everything begin to turn ugly. Should that happen, I have a remedy for you too: simply realize that you don’t have to be a genius to live well, just enjoy life! Count your blessings! An artistic genius may not be the happiest person in the world. (He can be, – but then you will be looking at more than just an artistic genius, – as the master of meditation is staring back at you! ) The regular artistic genius has a sensitivity so much more fragile than the average Joe that he is many times more likely to get into harm’s way if he doesn’t watch it, – un-curbed ego may become his downfall! The Alpha Seer had encountered many geniuses in his lifetime and oh, … had he also found many miserable, unhinged and deluded people! A miserable person is a jerk, a deluded  man is sick, – and you want to avoid those at all costs. Un-curbed desires can be a problem, – so one must reconcile with truth, and fraudulent ego must be dealt with at once, in order to restore peace! How you live your life is your own business, but the healthy life must reflect the Ways of Yin & Yang! Meditation is awareness. Meditation is simple: just let go and relax! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone! This is your life, if you aren’t, who is here to enjoy it?

The acquisition of SMR is not through any particular study or training, it must come to you as a First Nature. For Picasso, SMR is as easy as breathing, maybe easier! Remember what Matisse said? You cannot teach art, – that is what he said!No, I shall revise that! Of course you can teach art, that is what I am doing here, and why I am here!However, SMR is like an untouchable! It is the precise part that you cannot teach, unless your target student is an artistic genius himself, and then one must make sure that it is not any other kinds of genius, — but the artistic kind!

From times immemorial, every artistic genius has his metaphors expressed within this framework of Yin & Yang relationship. Our postmodernist friends do not understand it, they have chosen to ignore it, –and my observation is, they can never have understood it! Not in a million years! The crude, unrefined mind tends to disregard the subtle need for composition, treating it as plain silly “atelier” shits, – to be regularly discarded or laughed at, … According to such mindsets, time has changed, and with our technological breakthroughs, given any other combination of upheavals in man’s psyche with his mundane activities, for example, a devastated ego resulting from a recent revolution or war, political, religious or otherwise, and they will react to it, informing you that a “new” form of art must be installed in place of the “old, ” in order to correctly signify and reflect the contemporary movements. This types of dissertations can go on without end!  Ahh…, the egoistic man is not the center of the universe! Where is everyone when Galileo announced his last finding? That is why our postmodern friends have elected to behave like a deluded dog, a stray dog, going round and round chasing its own balls, rather than trying to find the proper placement that is implied in the eminence of a Cezanne’s composition.

I have seen it coming, the Postmodern Era is one of fantastic and massive wastage, with million of young people pretending to be artists and to lead the ” artistic life, ” which has no more depth or substance than self-deception appointed to reassure a listless ego. The Postmodern Era is a self-destruct, self-hate era, a self-deceiving and defunct era without spiritual significance. There is no real creation in this era, and not unlike the Taliban who had had the gigantic Buddha statue blown to pieces, postmodernists even begin to blame their own impotence on the artistic genius!

Why have our contemporaries taken such a sad turn of affair? At first glance, the contemporary philosophy seems to have perched on various high grounds: liberation and liberty has persuaded us, they would say. Time has changed, they would say, and art should therefore also change, in order to reflect this flux in time! What gibberish regurgitated nonsense! Little have they realized that certain things in life is timeless!  Beauty is one such thing. Art is for the expression of Beauty, and because of that, we can easily establish the timelessness in art. Art may then be viewed as the shadow of Beauty. Art is also the servant for Beauty and its shadow as well! Lo, I really like that, shadow and servant! Then quite often do I hear this cynical saying, that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders, and I have seen many folks repeat it all the time, as if they cannot get tired of the absolute helplessness implied therein, …Cynicism is the symptom of a diseased soul!

Well, my reply to that is simply this: Beauty is! To the extent that Beauty is also Truth, it cannot be in the eyes of the beholder at all! NO WAY!!! If Truth is in the eyes of the beholder then it immediately ceases to be Truth!

Why are young people of our time getting so allergic to the rule of Cezanne’s composition?  That puzzle is not difficult to solve: in order to orchestrate what they call “atelier” shit, one needs tremendous energy in reality, and without a doubt profound genius as well! The building- up of a composition cannot be through simple, mundane  organization, –it is  beyond organization, – as  masterful orchestration of relevant elements is involved, whereby life is the essential outcome! If a gem can be found only in existence in Nature, but not man-made, then art is the  gem created through artistic genius, to the extent that artistic genius is Nature, his art can never be artificial! The postmodernists can only afford the cheap artificial stuffs, as that is all they can understand! Like blind beggars scrambling frantically for food and ticks, their life is a constant struggle, what can one expect from sheer poverty? Ahh, try passing a Russian diamond from the production line to me, and I will demonstrate to you how fast it will land in the trash!

Don’t you know? GENIUS is precisely what our postmodern friends do not have! They may be the ones making the most noise out there, but can’t you tell such noise is talentless and without merit? So Andy Warhol may have shouted at us with his bloody Monroe silkscreens, or sickly Campbell soup images, Rauschenberg may have shattered our ear-drum  with his thrown- paint technique and soiled bed-cover, or Pollock may have stomped on our sensibility through his paint-drip procedure…. but if you are smart enough, you can always tell with a glance that those people are just playing games in the name of art. Then I would say to you, “Congratulation ! You have a refined mind!” On the other hand, there are folks who do not have a single clue in their own existence, and out of herd instinct or stupidity, or a combination of the two, they have found themselves applauding the trick players in their shameful transactions, which are just dirty tricks to scam the greenbacks out of some fat cats’ pockets, – if you are foolish enough to fall for them…   The bottom-line is, you can only get what you deserve! YOU ARE THE OWNER OF WHAT YOU SEE, and you get what you see!

One may elect to set up a composition crudely, dully, mundanely, obeying every rule in the book written by an atelier academic, but you are condemning yourself to no life. On the other hand, the artistic genius is capable of executing a fabulous job, gem-like in all aspects, with extremely vibrant calligraphic quality,   perfection, life, and godliness, such as what you would expect from the likes of Wang Hsi-chih (Figure 5), one of the greatest artistic geniuses in China from the Sui Dynasty. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Wang’s calligraphy reflects timeless beauty, truth, and godliness! you don’t have to live in the Sui Dynasty to enjoy his work! You don’t even have to be Chinese to feel his immense artistic energy radiating out from his calligraphy!

If you have paid attention, you may discover that all of Picasso’s compositions here are created from a delightfully simple field wherein Yin and Yang interact like man and wife. You can also see that Cezanne’s composition is intimately linked to Picasso’s through that common thread, of Yin and Yang interactions. Soon you will come to the conclusion that composition is no more than the universal embrace of Yin and Yang!  If you have paid even closer attention, you can see that both Cezanne and Matisse are doing the exact same thing in their respective compositions, that Titian and Velazquez are doing the exact same thing, Rubens and Frans Hals, doing likewise, Van Eyck and Adriaen Brouwer had not been doing anything differently either, nor had Picasso or Hokusai, nor had the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Chinese… Alas, artistic geniuses across the board, from times immemorial, had been doing the dictates of Yin and Yang in building up their composition! (Don’t listen to me, believe no one!– but please do yourself a favor: find that out for yourself! Doing art may not be on your mind, but as a human being, you are obligated to that duty! Here’s my question for you: If the artistic genius would go out there to create the civilization for your Age, as a citizen in the wider scope of things, isn’t it your honor, as well as your duty, to play the supporting role?  For that reason alone, you owe it to yourself to find out about what I have just pointed out, and do so soon enough because we may be running out of time! Postmodernism is a toxic weed that strangulates Alpha Art, the only art of the artistic genius!) The differences between each and everyone of them, which are as varied, and as diverse as the profusion in life-forms on Earth, confer upon each and everyone of them the dignity of his uniqueness, which can be detected in their outward artistic expressions, and they are, in and of themselves, molded by the artist’s very individuality.

The fact is, artistic genius can only be found in extremely small portions in the vast human gene pool, and its uniqueness is as varied as its own DNA configurations. That being said, sure, you can teach anyone to write Chinese correctly, or play the violin with the right grip and so forth, but you cannot train him to produce calligraphy the way Wang Hsi-chih would have it, nor can you teach him anymore to create tunes that are fabulous gems plucked from Mozart’s draft-book!

He who is capable of demonstrating good calligraphic genius, who can compose excellent music, is an artistic genius. Viewed from a different angle, however, he can also be seen as a freak of nature, since so much power has been concentrated in so fragile an individual! It also implies that little protection is afforded him and such a being can easily step in harm’s way!

Has the Alpha Seer mentioned anything at all referring to color in this lecture?

NO, sir! Only black and white, the other names for Yin and Yang, have been mentioned here!

Many people are conditioned to think that artists should deal with color, and they must!

I can tell you right now: that is not a necessary condition for art!

Now you are in doubt…

To be in doubt is the correct attitude, and I don’t blame you.

Just don’t believe in authority, or you are totally screwed!

The last time you believe in authority, academics thrived… .

With rare exceptions, the academics’ main interest is not in learning, but power struggle!

Postmodernism is an extension of that, a form of academic corruption.


Gautama Buddha says:

All colors are emptiness, and emptiness, colors!


Color is painful.


Had there not been the demand for colors, I ‘d be happy just to deal with black and white all day.








Figure 2: 0211 by Pablo Picasso

Figure 3: 0213 by Pablo Picasso

Figure 4: 0214 by Pablo Picasso

Figure 5: 0203 by Wang Hsi-chih

Figure 6: 0209 by the Alpha Seer formerly known as Ben Lau

THE CLARIFIER, formerly known as the Alpha Seer, or Ben Lau

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