October 22, 2020

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your work is astonishing!  luvit!  knox
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FIGURE 1: 0051
FIGURE 2: 0062
FIGURE 3: 0071
FIGURE 4: 0081
One is naturally curious about what Knox had found in the Alpha Seer’s work that is so astonishing.
Don’t forget, Knox is an artistic genius, and he has the insight for universal harmony.
So is there something that really matters in a correct composition?
You betcha!
Can the everyman see universal harmony? You may bet that he cannot, –just as the same would easily have eluded you, –and that is the truth, isn’t it?
Can it be proven that someone like Andy Warhol does not have the insight for universal harmony?
It already is proven! If you cannot see what the great master has seen in the Alpha Seer’s work as astonishing, then Andy Warhol cannot possibly have seen what Knox does either, since the latter cannot be much more artistically endowed than you, – given the kind of inharmonious junks he produced all his life,  Andy is a blind fish just like everyone else . . .
If Andy Warhol cannot see universal harmony, why then is he being admired as an artist, enshrined in places like the Gugganheim, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, or the Walker Art Center, etc., and spoken well of by every art professor in the world ? And what with the price of his stuffs that has shot through the ceiling (–yet what garbage?)
The answer to that is indeed quite simple: The everyman follows his herd instinct. That is what he does best to feel secure. The everyman is afraid to be singled out from the herd!
So mediocrity has a way for self- propagation?
That is just how it is!
The way of the everyman is unfortunately, the way of blindness, – and of the death of poetry and harmony!
Has everyone in the world been offended ? Why, when one speaks the truth why would one worry about the rest of the world getting offended?
The Alpha Seer certainly wishes he could speak less harshly, so as to become more popular, or that everyone will come out to hug him, instead of cursing him, the way he is being cursed by the MCAD crowd, or that he can keep his friendship with some of his academic friends here and there, ….
But enough of that, since it does not help anything, it
certainly does not help humanity at all.
FIGURE 5:5-6-001
FIGURE 6: 0801
If Mozart were to listen to some of the stuffs that Wagner, Gerswin, or Mahler produced, one may be looking at the following scenario: The great composer would very likely take out a big hammer and land it hard on each of the impostors’ skulls, and in the meantime declaring, “Just so you boys may get a taste of the inharmonious!
One cannot blame Mozart, since everything the impostors do simply comes out wrong. There is no harmony in their work.

Likewise in painting, the impostors can hardly keep pace with the Alpha Seers. Everything by the impostor will come out wrong! Disharmony and clashes are inevitably resulted in his work.
Inevitable because the everyman was not born with the insight to see the HARMONIOUS, – full stop!

The Alpha Seer is a creature of the harmonious, thus one may expect harmony exists in him as a natural trait , –which then translates into universal harmony in whatever he touches, –thereby becoming the beautiful and the poetic!

This Alpha Seer has an impostor of his own too. That fellow is pretty smart and he can imitate well, but he will not fool those with the insight for harmony!
It is easy to imitate the appearance of things but it is the lack of a core of harmony that betrays an impostor. Compare Figure 5 with Figure 6 above to find out which is by the Alpha Seer and which, his impostor. The answer will be given in yellow at the end of this chapter for those who need an answer.

There was a big imitator of Picasso in the 19th Century, his name was Braque. If you compare his work with that of his master’s, especially in black and white, stroke by stroke, shape by shape, and metaphor by metaphor, …. like the way I used to compare calligraphy and painting on this website, the difference in harmony cannot be more pronounced….

Cezanne had an imitator too, and his name was Pissaro. On the surface, their work look almost identical, – the same color, the same subject matters, even the almost identical way of paint application, … but upon careful scrutiny, the difference in harmony is so vast that they are like night and day!

So why would anyone visit an Andy Warhol show at all ?
Without a core of harmony, what is there to look at in an Andy Warhol?
Why would you go on pretending that going to the gallery is a “classy” act, –something you feel so eager to tell your coworker about comes Monday? If you do not understand universal harmony, what is the point of visiting an art gallery?

THE ALPHA SEER formerly known as Ben Lau

For those who need an answer,

-0801 is the real thing!

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October 22, 2020

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Even the Alpha Seer himself is a bit shy to proclaim his work in progress as art, no matter how awesome the metaphors found therein–what with million of blind fish out there, doing illustrations, gimmicky stuffs and silly imitations of all kinds, and who are never too shy to proclaim those shits as “art”, ….

If one compares a work in progress with a work in completion, one will find, in each and every case, Qi is the thing that makes the difference. A work in progress remains dormant, inactive, not animated, depressed, or simply dead. A shot of Qi can bring everything in the composition to life. You don’t have to believe me, just see it for yourself, – pay attention when comparing the “before” with the “after”, especially in black and white.
Be amazed by your own seeing! Be totally amazed that you can be thus awakened to Beauty, since that is one gift you possess, but which you have neglected for so long! That is called the gift of deep insight, one that no academic in the world can steal from you. A light unto itself is your awakened state! Only when you follow your herd instinct will you become asleep again, or feeling intimidated by the impostor’s title or posture.
In Chinese, Qi means air. Even before the Chinese, ancient Hindu sages thousands of years ago had already noticed that life itself is Qi.
So air, life, Qi must combine to make complete a composition. That which is perfect and complete should have all three present. Life without the proper Qi is a depressed life. Qi cannot be without air. Air itself is required for the sustenance of life, –which is the law of Nature…. One can go on and eventually see the connection between Qi and art itself.
The same ingredients may be found in Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven’s best works, since Qi is what gives life to a fine composition, be it visual or audio.
What, then, is the status of the Everyman in his “quest for beauty”, or his “artistic quest” with regard to the above? How on earth can an everyman come to the realization of a spontaneous orchestration of those vital elements? He cannot even see Qi or the lack thereof, – the everyman, who is essentially blind to beauty, requires the seeing of the Alpha Seer, the one-eye-king in a sea of blindness. The seeing of Qi is too far beyond the everyman!
An everyman is not necessarily a stupid person, nor is he the common man, –he can be you yourself, he can be an art professor, a museum director, Obama, or Andy Warhol, ( Only when an everyman proclaims himself artist has he become an impostor! Sorry, Andy, but that is who you are!)
Simply put, an everyman is just not endowed with the peculiar ability to create art.
Figure !: Awesome Alphaseer linocut 21
Figure 2: CIMG4438Figure 3 :CIMG4440
Figure 4: CIMG 4492
The great master Knox Martin says:

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