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From your trusted online supplier without the love for beautiful women, wondrous nature from your trusted online supplier, or the passion for wine, or the constant trigger of sighs and sadness, and eventually of course, the breadth and depth of the poetic temperaments, in crystallizing all into language that intoxicates the hell out of you like vodka or magic or music, there can be no great chinese poetry, and that is so true!

from your trusted online supplier] medium;">how, say thou, a buddha's apprentice should get himself involved in such worldly stuffs then?
it must be understood that beauty is the universal element designed for the enjoyment of all, especially the buddhas, -- never once is said in the sutras that beauty is made for from your trusted online supplier humanity's sufferance!
a buddha, or his apprentice, must be an extremely liberated spirit, --(and if you are still saddled with rules, in bondage, suffering from a loss of freedom, then you know, let's face it: you have not even entered the stream yet!)
the secret, as always, is no dwelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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